Sex dolls are becoming more and more popular day by day. However, among various types of sex dolls, there is one particular type that is becoming more and more popular. And that type of sex doll is the anime sex doll.

Yes, from your childhood days, you were fascinated by some anime characters. Perhaps you had a crush on some of those characters. Many people also masturbated by thinking that they are having sex with an anime character.

So, when you have that anime character as a sex doll now, won’t you be interested to have her on your bed? That is why so many people are fulfilling their hidden desires of having sex with an anime doll. For men having a crush on anime characters, it is a dream come true.

Look, more and more people are now looking to get an anime sex doll as their partner and the reason for that is an anime sex doll can be a much better companion than a real girl. Well, this statement might give you a shock but it is the truth.

You can enjoy your life in a much better way if you have an anime sex doll with you. But, you will be wondering how can an anime sex doll give you more pleasure than a real girl? We will discuss this through this article.

Yes, you are a bit confused because you never thought that an anime sex doll can give you so much pleasure. The girl you saw in anime movies can be the girl of your dream in bed for sure. Let’s see the reasons why people are so fascinated by anime sex dolls.

What are Anime Sex Dolls?

Before you understand the reasons why anime sex dolls are becoming so very popular, you have to find out what an anime sex doll is. It is a sex doll that is made according to an anime character. It will resemble the look of an anime character.

Also, it will have assets that a man would love to have in bed. Either silicone or TPE can be the material used for making such sex dolls. Once you use this doll, you will get the feeling of having sex with a real woman. That is why people are going crazy about anime sex dolls.

You will find so many life-size sex dolls that you can buy. However, anime dolls are quite similar to life-size dolls except for the appearance of the doll which will look like an anime character. That is the primary difference between anime sex dolls and a normal life-size sex doll.

Features of an Anime Sex Doll

When you look to purchase an anime sex doll, you should know about its features before making the purchase. Yes, anime sex dolls do have some unique features which make them so popular among sex doll lovers. Here are some features that you would see in an anime sex doll;

Colourful Dressing

You will see an anime sex doll in colourful dresses. It will be similar to what an anime character would wear in movies. Such dresses are different from the dresses of the regular life-size sex dolls you will see wearing. Their dressing is what makes them unique.

Perky Tits

It is a misconception among men that the bigger the boobs the better it would feel. As a result, you will see that sex dolls have gigantic boobs which are unbelievable and unnatural. However, small but perky tits feel a lot better for some men. Anime sex dolls will normally have such perky tits that can give you tremendous pleasure.

Slave-Like Attitude

One of the reasons why people are going crazy about anime sex dolls is their attitude. If you look at these sex dolls, you will notice they have a humble attitude on their face which makes them ideal sex slaves. Every man has a dominating-self inside his persona. Therefore, an anime sex doll can satisfy that persona in a much better way.

Eyes with the Shape of an Almond

Some men love to make eye contact while pounding their partner. So, when you have a sex doll that has beautiful eyes, you are bound to feel horny most of the time. Yes, one of the unique features of anime sex dolls is that the shape of their eyes is like an almond. It is probably one of the reasons why you would be inclined to have such a sex doll. These eyes are just mesmerising.

Top 10 Reasons Men Prefer Anime Sex Dolls

Now you know the unique features of anime sex dolls. Yes, these features make anime sex doll different from other sex dolls. Apart from these unique features, there are other reasons why people are loving anime sex dolls. The popularity of anime sex dolls is rising ever so rapidly and the main following are the main reasons for their rapid rise in popularity in the sex doll market.

1. Realistic Looks of the Doll

One of the reasons why people buy sex dolls is a realistic appearance. If you see a life-size sex doll now, you will struggle to differentiate between a real woman and a sex doll. That is how brilliantly these sex dolls are made. But, anime sex dolls are a bit different.

They will look like the anime character you always fantasized about having in bed. However, that look will be much more realistic. You will feel like your dream anime character has suddenly come to life to give you sexual pleasure. This realistic look of the doll makes every anime lover go crazy about these dolls.

2. Pleasurable Sexual Experience

The main reason why you would want to get a sex doll is sexual pleasure. Now, you would think that a doll cannot give you proper sexual pleasure. If you look at the sex dolls from the past decades, you will notice the dolls have changed a lot in recent times. They are much more realistic now.

Therefore, the pleasure you can get from these dolls will be much more exciting and fulfilling than ever. When you touch an anime sex doll now, it will feel like touching a real woman. Therefore, the sexual experience you will have will be exactly what you would get with a real woman.

3. A Loyal Companion for Life

Every human being longs for a companion in his life. However, when you have a living woman as your partner, you will be having doubts about her loyalty. In many instances, you will notice the treachery of women which leaves men shattered.

Because of this, you feel sceptic about falling in love. However, if you have an anime sex doll as your companion, you will not have to worry about treachery from her. She will always stay loyal to you. Therefore, you will be able to live your life peacefully.

4. Anime Sex Dolls Never Get Old

When you have a real woman as your partner (wife or girlfriend), after a certain age, she will get old. It is quite natural and you know that. When she gets old, she will not be able to give you the kind of sexual pleasure you always wanted from her and this will cause a problem in your relationship.

But, if you have an anime sex doll as your sex partner, she will never get old. Therefore, at a time when you don’t get sexual pleasure from your partner, you will be having the same pleasure from the anime doll. They will there to please you sexually anytime you want.

5. Won’t Judge You for Your Actions

One of the biggest concerns of having a girlfriend or a wife is they will judge you for your actions. Now, you want your partner to be your support system. However, most of the time, this does not happen because instead of supporting you, your partner starts to judge your actions.

But, this will never happen when you have a sex doll as your partner. Well, an anime sex doll could be that support system you always wanted to have. As a result, your life will be much more trouble-free and you will be able to live your life happily like never before.

6. A Change in the Mindset

One of the key reasons why men are now more interested in buying anime sex dolls is a change is the mindset. People always fantasized about anime characters during their childhood. They have a feeling that they know the characters deeply and thus, can connect with those characters easily.

Also, they are starting to realize the problems they might face by having a real woman as their girlfriend or wife. That is why they are turning to anime sex dolls which will provide them with the same sexual pleasure without the tantrums and demands of a regular girlfriend or wife.

7. Have Sex Whenever You Want

When you are in a relationship with a real woman, you might want to have sex whenever you want. But, the reality is, if you want to have sex with her, you need to have her consent. You cannot force her to have sex with you as that will cause problems in your relationship.

But, the reason why more people are looking to have an anime sex doll right now is that they can have sex whenever they want with that doll. Their doll will never say no whenever they want to have sex. Therefore, the sexual pleasure you will get with an anime sex doll will be far better than having sex with a real woman.

8. Fulfil All Your Fantasies

Every man has some sort of sexual desires and fantasies. They cannot convey their wishes to their regular girlfriends and wives because otherwise, they will be seen as perverts. Now, they will suffer in their sex life because of not fulfilling their sexual desires.

But, you can have all your sexual fantasies fulfilled if you have an anime sex doll. With an anime sex doll, you can do whatever you want to and she will never say no to anything. She will be the exact slave you wanted for your sexual desire. That is why most people are looking for an anime sex doll so that they can enjoy such a doll in whatever way they wish.

9. Get the Realistic Feel of Having Sex with a Real Girl

When you have sex with a sexy girl, the feeling is awesome, right? But, can you imagine having the same feeling when you have sex with an anime sex doll? Sounds impossible, right? Well, when you have sex with an anime sex doll, you will have the exact feeling of having sex with a real woman.

The reason for this is the realistic appearance and build of the sex doll. The ass and tits of the sex dolls look and feel exactly like that of a real woman. Also, silicone and TPE are the two types of material with which sex dolls are made. These materials resemble human skin wonderfully. Therefore, you will feel like having sex with a real woman when you have sex with an anime sex doll.

10. Become the Possessive Boyfriend You Always Wanted to Be

Let’s accept it, you always wanted to be a possessive boyfriend, right? But, your girlfriend used to get angry when you behaved possessively with her. Well, you can fulfil your wish of being a possessive boyfriend by having an anime sex doll. You can behave with your sex doll in whichever way you want and your sex doll will never show any sign of resentment for that.

The Bottom Line

Finally, now you know why people are going crazy about anime sex dolls. If you have an anime sex doll in your room, you will be able to enjoy fulfilling sex life. Therefore, if you have the fantasy of having sex with an anime sex doll, then you should get such a doll now and fulfil your wishes.