Sex Doll Torso is a high-end sex doll manufacturer founded in 2012. It has 11 years of experience in the development and production of high-quality sex dolls. We are always committed to creating the most realistic high-end sex doll torso. We have our own Research & Development center and production base. Our backbone technical team originates from doctors and masters with rich experience as technical personnel. The offline physical stores of Sex Doll Torso have developed rapidly after years of unremitting efforts of the team, who had professional technology and honest operation. Our products sell well in North America, Europe, Japan, South Korea, India and the Middle East, and are recognized by numerous consumers.

In the contemporary market, though many consumers can buy cheap Sex Doll Torso on the Internet, they is very disappointed with them often receive products of inferior quality. It is still a headache for the consumers to get high-quality Sex Doll Torso. We established the official website of Sex Doll Torso brand in 2020, and everything will change when you find us!

We strictly abide by ISO and ROHS standards, comply with the environmental protection, non-toxic, skin friendly products through CE and FDA testing. Sex Doll Torso has established strict standard quality management from raw materials to products in order to ensure the stable high-end quality of products. Please don’t compare our price with the low end of the market price of Sex Doll Torso. We have invested very expensive high-end raw materials in creating products in order to provide customers with the most realistic high-end Sex Doll Torso. We have never been willing to use low-end raw materials in order to reduce the sales price of our products. Our determination to provide our customers only with high quality Sex Doll Torso will not be shaken. Only customers who have used our products know what is the best sex doll.

We have currently set up an efficient logistics and transportation system. We have our own large warehouse in the United States. Delivery time on the United States markets is 4-7 days.

We are confident that in the future we will continue to explore, develop and produce better products to meet the needs of all customers. Sex Doll Torso will bring the most authentic sexual experience to every corner of the world!

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Business name: Dongguan Love Tide Industrial Co., Ltd.

Address: NO.3 ZhenXing Road Abao Shuikou Industrial Park, Qiaotou, Houjie Town, Dongguan City, GuangDon Province, China

Telephone or Whatsapp: 008613825765307

Email: [email protected]