The following is a true story from Eric, he wrote the article about his experience on different sex toys.

Now let’s hear what he said about his experience, here’s his story:

I hope this blog post can help you with deciding whether a torso doll is the choice for you.

Table of content

  • A little bit about myself
  • What is sex doll torso?
  • Comparison between torso doll and handheld masturbator
  • Pros & Cons of torso doll
  • Some things to consider before buying

A little bit about myself

I am just an average guy at the age of early 20s. I have a decent paying job, but have never had any romantic encounters. At some point, I got curious about what it feels like to pleasure myself without just wanking with my bare hand – you know, like sexual intercourse. đŸ˜€

Like many desperate guys out there, I did look up some sites that offer hookup or escort service, but I never actually tried it mainly because it is expensive and risky. So I turned my hope to sex toys. Compared to many other players (sex toy hobbyist or owner) out there, I only owned 2 fleshlight, a tenga flip zero and a Lelo penis stimulator, which cost me roughly 1000 ~ 1200 including the lubricants and supply. It was fun for the first couple of months, until I got used to it and started to desire a more realistic experience.

So, I bought a torso doll!!!

What is sex doll torso?

To put it simply, is just part of a full-size sex doll. I think the selling point of torso doll is that it offers

  • Same/Very similar experience to that of full-size sex doll . (have a vaginal hole and without or without upper body)
  • Much cheaper alternative to full-size sex doll . The cheapest decent full size doll you can get out there easily costs 4000~ or more. Don’t even bother with
  • vendors that offer prices with around or less than 1000, there’s a good chance they are just scamming innocent people.
  • Easier to store compare to full-size sex doll.

If you have enough budge (I am talking about 4k up), have plenty of space for storage and don’t really mind going through the hefty process of cleaning, then I suggest you get a full size sex doll as that will definitely give you the best experience.

But if you are like me, with a limited budget and don’t really want to settle with a handheld masturbator, perhaps a torse doll could fit your needs.

Comparison between torso doll and handheld masturbator

As I mentioned previously, I owned two fleshlight, one tenga and a Lelo penis stimulator. And… . a torso doll with a big ass and breasts. (because I am into BBW – big beautiful women :D). The chart below shows a quick comparison between these toys based on a few criterias.

Torso dollVery realistic100 ~ 1000Pretty goodDepends
Tenga flip zeroNot even close150~Dependseasy
Lelo penis
FleshlightVery realistic100~Pretty goodeasy


Fleshlight and the Torso doll I have are both made out of TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers) material. For those of you who have never heard of this term before, the material is soft to the touch. Every vendor has a slightly different blend for their TPE recipe, but texture wise is generally pretty similar. When applied with corn starch powder, the sensation becomes so soft, that some might find it hard to distinguish between sex toy and human skin. (note that the corn starch you use cannot be the ones you see in supermarket, because those are not fine grinded enough)

Lelo penis stimulator is just a virabrator that works on penis head, so this “texture” does not really apply. Tenga flip zero is made out of silicon. The texture of silicon just doesn’t even come close to TPE. For the same price, I suggest you go for the TPE sex toy instead.


As shown in the chart above, handheld masturbators generally have a price range of 100~250. The question here is how come the price range for torso dolls varies so much? from 100~1000? Here are three different kinds of torso dolls. It should be obvious why the price can go as cheap as 100, and as expensive as around 1000.


The heavier, bigger the size of the doll, the more expensive it gets. With only 150, you can still get a decent torso doll that comes with a nice ass, a vaginal hole! If you want to elevate your experience, then maybe go for the more pricey one that has the same weight as an IRL girl, and a nice pair of soft tities. Is still MUCH MUCH cheaper than the full size sex doll.


Tenga zero has a strong simulation… in a bad way. Some might find it enjoyable, but not me personally. Lelo penis stimulator, well, as the name implies, it vibrates the heck out of your penis head. I enjoy using it from time to time, but it doesn’t really give you the sense of penetration that you feel when having vaginal sex. It could be a good option if you want to try something different.

Now, between fleshlight and torso doll. As I mentioned, both are made out of TPE in most cases. The fleshlight I owned is called “Destroya”, which is the model that features the strongest stimulation on the official fleshlight site. The torso doll I have is called “Alexandra”, which I got it from (link:

To my suprise, both give me a similar kind of stimulation, in a very good way. Both toys give you a comfy, soft sensation and grips you firmly as you pull in and out. I think the gripping sensation is caused by the suction that is created when you pull out of the hole. It feels quite nice~~.

Another nice thing you can do with a torso doll is doggy style, which you can’t do with a fleshlight. The resistance you get when slamming against the firm bouncy booty is really authentic.


I have to be honest here. Handheld masturbators are just much easier to clean than a torso doll. The reason should be obvious. That being said, if you go for the smaller size, lightweight torso doll, cleaning can still be very easy.

Too bad the one I got weighed around 89 lbs, and is bigger than me in size.

But I really enjoy the play time, so the cleaning work doesn’t really bother me that much.

Pro & Cons of torso doll

Here is a quick quick rundown on the pros and cons of torso doll

  • Similar experience as full size sex doll
  • Cheaper than full size doll
  • Buy what your need (lower part and without/without upper)
  • Realistic texture (assuming you get TPE doll)
  • Stamina/technique training
  • No permission needed for creampie
  • Prone to bacteria if not clean properly
  • Cleaning might be hard (depends on the size you get)
  • No warmth (same for every sex toys in the market)
  • Routine maintenance – apply powder after full body wash to retain soft texture

    Some things to consider before buying

    There are many vendors out there that sell torso dolls, but only a few of them are legitimate. Here are two vendors that I know are legitimate, and provides good quality torso dolls

    • Tantaly
    • SexDollTorso

    Some people suggest that getting a warming rod could elevate the experience. However, most of the warming rods out in the market don’t really live up to the expectation. So I would say skip on the warming rod.

    As for lubrication, only use water based lubricants. This is common sense, and is mentioned on almost every sex doll torso vendor website. Here are list of lubricants I have tried and recommend people to try

    • Fleshlight water – gentle and slightly watery, recommend for first time user
    • Fleshlight fire – it does not warm you up, but gives you slightly more simulation than the flesh light variation. Aslo the texture is thinner
    • Sutil body glide – comes with two variations, rich (grey label) and normal (white label). The rich one is more gooey, and the normal one is more watery. I would suggest avoid using the rich one on torso doll as it makes it slightly more difficult to clean

    If you are worried about the bacteria prone aspect of the torso doll, you could use a condom. Recently, I find it quite enjoyable just to bury my face in the soft gel filled breast tities of my Alexandra torso doll when i get home from long day work. So who knows, maybe you can find a different way to enjoy the doll too!