Max SDT Blog Episode 3 – “Congrats you just hit the self-love jackpot”.

14 Things I want to say to anyone who just bought one of’s Love torsos.

What follows is a combination of tips and advice that I have gathered from my year of experience experimenting with SDT’s sex dolls. These tips apply to all of their dolls, full-sized, scaled, mini, and hip! Everything!

Let’s go!

  1. Congrats! you must really love yourself. dolls are the ultimate love toy. They are canvasses of love as colourful as your imagination. Your Self-care game is about to max out. I wanted to get excited with you a bit because it IS really exciting, but it’s also sometimes a very private thing. So if no one else gets to tell you that you just got yourself an Awesome gift that proves you care about yourself then I get to be the first. First!
  2. Lube is the key. You might read that you need this powder or that oil, or this accessory, but the most important one is lube. Especially with these Sex Doll Torso love Torso, they don’t need that much more than simple powder and care. Find a WATERBASED lube that agrees with you and stock up if you see anything on sale! (using lube prevent friction burns)
  3. My biggest regrets with my dolls involve “overcaring” and doing too much when I didn’t need to. You might have read in other places that you have to oil your doll a lot, that is old info, most of what you need to master is washing, drying and powdering. You won’t need to oil the SDT products for a while. so don’t worry. Soap, water, powder, lube. and mastering the art of flushing and drying. that’s it. The accessory care kit is a good place to start.
  4. These dolls are safe for your skin, and I say this as a bit of a hypochondriac, I worry about my intimate penis touching objects. But after all of my testing, whenever I would get a rash or irritation, the dolls were never the cause. It was always a cheap lube or cheap makeup that I applied to the doll. Skin-to-skin contact with a doll is not a concern. They are very clean (as long as you keep them clean). Don’t let these amazing prices make you paranoid. The material used is skin safe.
  5. Play your way! At first, I played with the doll the same way as other reviewers. (I don’t think most professional influencers doll reviewers love their dolls, so the way they talk about playing with the doll is very generic). But at first, I wasn’t thinking outside of the box and I would merely emulate the aspects of others. But after a year I realized the best thing about doll play is that there are no rules. You get to create your own joy universe. There is no wrong way to play. So while you are waiting for your doll to arrive, brainstorm all of the things you can do with your lovely doll.
  6. The Curves and beauty of a woman are wonderful and It’s ok to think of your torso as a work of art. I struggled with feeling guilty about loving these womanly curvy dolls. I could hear haters in my head saying it’s weird to admire a sex toy. but Nah! Why deny reality? These dolls are sexy and beautiful. Jiggles are mesmerizing and fun. Erotic art shows great love for life! Sometimes it just feels good to marvel at the beauty of my dolls. I read so much about people wanting to hide their dolls for fear of being judged. But what I have found is that some people are interested in love dolls. Not all people, but I don’t think we have to hide them as much as is assumed in the negative media cycles. And hiding or stuffing your doll in hard-to-see places is a quick way to neglect and damage them. People are very curious, and like a lot of things, it’s only weird if you make it weird. Excitement is infectious. It’s okay to love what you make love to.
  7. Your doll doesn’t need a face to be a doll. I have dolls with faces and dolls without faces, and they both speak to my body. Each doll has their own vibe. Faces don’t give dolls more of a vibe (when touching). Each doll also has their own feel because every doll has a unique love tunnel pleasure zones. (More on that in another blog post).
  8. Over time, your doll will get looser. This is simply physics. There are ways of tightening the joints, but that’s a conversation for another episode. What I want to say today is, don’t worry about it, there are MANY benefits to a loose doll. Especially when it comes to sex and cuddling. Just master pillow placement to hold the torso into any position that you want. And looser limbs make cuddling more natural and fluid. So, when it’s tight, enjoy it when it gets looser, enjoy it with pillows.  It’s not a big deal.
  9. You can redo the makeup. Each of SDT’s TPR torsos features hand-painted nipples and vulva colouring, but over time and with cleaning the color will fade. But that’s not a big deal because you can redo the make-up yourself. Just remember to use hypo allergenic high-quality matte powder makeup.
  10. Let’s talk about Fabric and dressing up your dolls. I have 3 main approaches to dressing my dolls.

A) Sensory comfort maximization. I know which fabrics I like, and I put the doll in that fabric from head to toe. This is a cheat code for me because it means I can touch them all I want and not have to worry about reapplying powder as much. It’s like having a sexy toy to support with swappable skin! It’s great.

Shop link:

B) Cosplay = Dressing up your doll as your favourite fictional or created character letting whatever happens! You can bring r/rule34 to life!

C) Sexy outfits. Obviously.

Salma looked juicy and joyful!

To prevent staining your love doll, crotchless bodysuits are a good way to protect the skin if you need to use dark colours. If you stain the doll don’t worry, stains come out easily, with some acne remover, and a few powder and rinses. I stained my Alex to test this and got the stain out in a few days using this

Shop link: (The active ingredient is Benzoyl Peroxide, 4% works too.)
  1. Dolls are your muse! Consider temporary tattoos! I’m going to put some angel wings on Salma! Look for it in the video review! Sometimes the best way to play with what you love is to be willing to mess with them a bit in the name of expression.

    Tattoos Salma Sex Doll Torso
  2. Making your doll smell good. Some people want to add essential oils to their dolls, but that’s not a good idea. INSTEAD, add diluted perfume to the fabric that you put them in. Just make sure the actual doll’s skin doesn’t come into direct contact with essential oils or any alcohol based perfume products, use a barrier, even a wig.
  3. The sex with these dolls is really good. Even the vanilla stuff. I know you are thinking about all these wild positions, but the truth is I’m not bored of missionary yet. the sex is really good as is.
  4. Finally, yes, the answer to the question I get the most. YES they can do cowgirl. These TPR torsos have the best bounce I have seen yet.

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As always I use you maximum, love and respect!

See you in the next one!