Since we have already talked about the way love dolls can help with sleep regulation and touch deprivation, I wanted to highlight some other not-so-obvious uses for love dolls and our sex doll torsos. What follows are a few possibilities for ways to incorporate a sex doll torso into one’s sex life.

Next Level Emersion

Sex Doll Torsos can take your Sexy VR Adventures to another level.

If you are looking for a next-level immersive experience. SDT’s Love Torsos are already very immersive on their own, but they can also be used to take your sexy VR setup to another level. I would suggest either Meagan or Hendricks, the other lightest one because I think these models are light enough to move with your eyes closed (covered) but also lifelike in size and weight. Several services like (A B C) exist for you to choose different scenes and models. You can play along to your favourite scenes, following the action on the screen. I have a few friends who have this setup and they enjoy it. I would recommend this to people looking for a realistic sexual experience without too much “doll care work”. With this setup, you don’t have to worry about clothes or hair. Keep your doll clean, powdered and covered (to protect it from dust/dirt) satin pillowcases, sleeping bags, or nice blankets work well to wrap and protect your doll until you are ready to play. The only challenge I can see for this setup is your ability to manage the tech. But if you are already comfortable with VR/AR via oculus rift or ps4 then this shouldn’t be a problem. If I was doing this, I would use the lube injector that comes with the accessory kit to keep my hands clean and dry.

You can do better than this!

Couples Support

Couples you say? really? YES! I will give you 3 use cases

1. Long Distance relationship

Here is what I would do, I would zoom video chat with my partner while we both play with our torsos. Position the Camera over where the head of the doll would have been, and you can look at your partner on your phone and still have total access to your lovely torso. Or position the camera in such a way that your partner can see you playing and cheer you on!

2. Take Pressure off your partner!

Sex dolls as a support for partners with Different Sex Drives.

There is more to love and relationships than sex. But sometimes one partner wants more sex than the other one and this can put a strain on the relationship. This is where a torso can come in. On the days when the vibe isn’t there for both parties, no one must force themselves to have sex with the other. The Sex with love dolls is so satisfying, that I am sure the hornier partner won’t mind. No Cheating, no drama, no complaining. You can get the sex you need without pressuring your partner. And if you need more variety, there are so many ways to personalize and customize your doll.

3. Threesomes! Find your Unicorn!

Many couples fantasize about having threesomes, but sometimes finding a “unicorn” or a third is a challenge. Also this “third” is often not treated with the same level of respect as the actual couple. Sometimes the third feels more like an objectified tool than a sexy person. This is where a love doll can come in. I think couples should play with love dolls if they want to experiment with unicorns if they aren’t ready to give that third person respect and attention that is deserved. Using a love doll can prevent any drama or jealousy that might come up between experimenting couples as well. There are even currently couples online who love to perform together with their dolls. (google it for yourself!)

There are many ways to play too. Strap-ons, taking turns, make-outs, and using dildos with dolls. The shemale doll poses some interesting possibilities for a couple as well.

* Please note that it is not advised to share dolls with others without the use of a condom. I consider sharing dolls with others as a form of unprotected sex. Also, use non-latex condoms.

I know a lot of people think they must hide their toys from their partners, I think we have shown a few ways that a doll can improve a relationship by adding a safe, fun, and sexy new element into the bedroom. Dolls can be a surrogate tactile extension of your love when physically connecting in person isn’t possible. The key is to talk about the doll with your partner and brainstorm with them how it can improve your love life BEFORE you get the doll. Include your partner in the whole process to keep your communication and trust game strong.

I will be getting my next partner a doll for sure. I would love to watch someone play with a sexy doll.

Co-Stars for Sexy Solo performers

Have you ever wanted to be a sexy online pornstar, but didn’t know where to find a co-star? Do you have a secret desire to be seen playing with your doll, but don’t want to leave your house?

What if you want to be a sexy artist/performer but you don’t have anyone to perform with? Torsos to the rescue! I remember when I loved watching models perform with sybians and other toys they could ride. And when I think about what I liked, it was seeing the models and performers enjoying themselves in a sexual act that allowed me to focus all my attention on the model. Torsos are very versatile performers. Depending on your intended audience you can angle the camera so that you are the focus of your video OR you can focus the camera on the beautiful doll. No matter where you focus if a Love Torso is involved it will be hot. So, if you want to make videos of your incredible stroke game, Love torsos are ready wherever you are! Remember there are always at least 2 audiences for any love doll video.

(this is a sybian)

1) people who love sex dolls, some of these people are looking to find one they want to buy, and others just love watching dolls do everything and anything. For this kind of content, focus your attention on the doll, and play around with camera angles to take your audience on a POV journey.

2) people who love to watch people in ecstatic joy playing with their toys. Your actions, your vibe and your passion are what people are interested in. I have found that people like to pretend they were your doll! So have fun with your performance! Put on a show! Give your dolls some good loving, get into it, bring out your sexiest self.

If you want more attention, or to see others playing with our dolls, you can tag us @sexdolltorso for more exposure, we will share any content featuring SDT products. If we all use the same hashtags it will be easier for people interested in sex doll torsos to find content.

So that’s this week’s episode, today we went over new ways to use torsos to spice up your love life.

As always, I wish you Maximum respect and love.