SDT Presents – Max’s Doll Blog Episode 1 – Flesh light vs Sex Dolls – The Magic of Safe Touch.

Dolls are more than sex toys.


Hello, Let’s call me Max, I first discovered love dolls during the pandemic. At first, I thought I wanted a sex toy, but I after getting a fleshlight, I realized I was suffering from touch deprivation. The Doll that helped me get over this was the beautiful Salma model. Salma really helped me get through the roughest part of the pandemic with many happy safe nights at home. During this time, I learned a lot about dolls. I asked SDT to allow me to write this blog because I felt like I found a cheat code/life hack with love dolls and I wanted to share how much they helped me.

The public discourse around dolls is still very limited right now. There is still some shame and stigma around love-doll-play, so I think these special aspects of dolls gets ignored. I don’t think people understand how special dolls can be. All that changes today! So, for the next few months I am going to share some of the not so obvious uses of love dolls and the ways they can make life fuller and fun.

In this episode to show how special dolls can be, I am going to compare Sex Torsos to the most popular male Sex toy the Fleshlight.

Love dolls as sex toys

In terms of it being a sex toy. Dolls are the most immersive realistic sex toy you can get. VR might be more visually stimulating has so much setup and cables, and it is only visual and audio. Dolls are immersive because you can touch them, there is a visceral aspect that can be matched by digital media.

Compared to a fleshlight

Have you ever used the fleshlight? They feel good, but sometimes you don’t want to use your hand, I found myself trying “MacGyver”/DIY life hacks with it. (like what?)

  • I put it under a pillow
  • I put it Between your mattresses
  • I even put it in a shoe wrapped in a gravity blanket.

Why? Just so that I can feel like closer to real sex. You don’t have to do that with a doll. Love Torsos/Dolls are what fleshlights/dildos want to be when they grow up

Question What can a doll do that a fleshlight can’t

Answer = Dolls are also sleep aids and touch support

That’s all I am going to say about comparing the two concepts as sex toys. For now. Simply put, most other sex toys like fleshlights are only meant to touch your genitals. But dolls are made to touch your whole body. Even better, dolls are made to be touched and loved.

Some Back story

I live alone, with no pets and I didn’t and never really cuddled with my friends. So, this meant that I would ONLY get a vast majority of my touch needs from romantic relationships, and during the pandemic I found myself single.

Dolls really taught me lot about your own attraction responses when you have a doll, it’s like a good honeymoon, because you have access to as much sex as you want to do you get to a point where you are satiated. But I found myself enjoying simply touching Salma, like “I’m good on the sex front but I actually just want to hold you.

That’s what helped me realize that not all touch is the same, like food groups.

For example:

  1. Sexual touch could be like carbs
  2. Sleep touch could be like protein
  3. There are other types of touch, but you get the point, right?

Sometimes they come together in a meal, but they don’t always have to.

Love Torsos as a “Safe Touch Sleep Aid”

Some people have problems sleeping. Some people sleep better when they’re not alone. When we were younger it was ok to use teddy bears to sleep. To me Love dolls can serve that function for adults. I don’t think the medical world has really looked at the uses of love dolls s sleep aids yet. But if you are someone who likes to cuddle up to sleep, OR you have problems sleeping. I can tell you from my personal experience that my love dolls are the best sleep aid that I’ve ever had.

And here’s one instance where a torso like salma is way better as a sleep aid than a full doll. Dolls have pointy fingers and limbs that need to be moved, hair and eyes that can be messed up at night. Torsos are simpler, they don’t have any of those things they get in the way of making your sleep simple and safe. You aren’t going poke yourself or break anything.

Maybe you’re thinking, “sex toys should be sex toys, and you can just use sleep aids like gravity blankets”

To improve my sleep, I tried a weighted blanket before dolls and it helped a bit, but while having a heavy (sand-like substance) filled blanket on top of you does provide some sleep support, it doesn’t compare to a doll. You can hold them and wrap your legs around them. You can put one of salmas thighs between yours so your knees don’t touch. You can try this with a gravity blanket but it feels like you are hugging a bag of sand. Gravity blankets feel restrictive, like a heavy weight is on top of you, it doesn’t replicate being held or holding someone. And gravity blankets feel so uniform in the way the weight is distributed that it made me feel like I was being crushed more than I was being held. To me, Love doll have all the benefits of gravity blanket but none of the downsides. And the way that I am your body exchanges heat with the doll really takes the whole experience to another level do you wake up feeling like I just had a good cuddle, and isn’t that what we want? Well, no, we also want amazing sex. Dolls are good at that too! Best of both worlds! (Sidenote this is true for all TPR/TPE dolls at SDT, I haven’t tried a silicone doll so I’m not sure how they feel).

With Covid related mandates have been reduced in most countries, but with things like monkeypox and new strains of Covid the world hasn’t gone back to normal yet, so we are still feeling isolated. Dolls can help! Dolls provide SAFE touch. No drama. Simple touch, quiet touch. Which is part of the magic. Put on your fav movie, play a podcast, cuddle up and chill.

“Nobody thinks I can’t wait to get home to exchange cuddles with my fleshlight”

So, if you I’m not dealing with touch deprivation than this might not be an interesting aspect for you. But if you’re isolated, live alone, don’t have any pets you’re probably not getting enough touch.

Touch is a vitamin!

It’s so good for us. I know that my Salma has had positive impact on my mental health. The best thing about TPE dolls is not how they look. All these touch benefits are non-sexual. If you’re mentally comfortable touching the doll, its exact shape or form factor won’t change its affects because safe touch alone is the magic.

If you are a scientist reading this, I think you should study the effects that love dolls can have on sleep. And what factors make these effects so affective. Is it the TPR/TPE heat transfer or the human shape? Or both? I’m not sure, but I have felt the effects.

I’m going to close out by linking to a TedTalk about touch. Here are some key points

  1. Touch is something we all need. All of us!
  2. Humans are in the ape family of animals.
  3. Apes touch! Like bonobos! Or even chimps!
  4. Touch deprivation can lead to a variety of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts
  5. Skin hunger is a real thing. What I thought was just horniness was skin hunger. (I will touch on this topic later)

I found this video AFTER I had already discovered Salma, but it really confirmed my experience. I have read on online forums about how magical peoples first days with their dolls were and I realize part of it is the fact that our brains release dopamine when we get safe touch.


  • I have been trying to come up with a catchy marketing slogan for the magical touch aspect of dolls.
  • Touch Toy?
  • Touch Therapy?
  • Cuddle buddy for adults?
  • Sexy Art with Benefits?
  • Immersive love play?

Sex toys can’t do this stuff.

  1. If you have a doll and haven’t tried simply touching it our cuddling it … try it! Why not? PROTIP = dress your doll in your favourite feeling fabric for added touch magic.
  2. If you never tried a doll and are thinking about it, remember they can do more than meet your sexual needs. The touch of a doll can make you feel more grounded and improve sleep.

And If you already have a doll then you know what I am talking about!

Questions I am going to leave you with

  • When were you last touched?
  • When will you be hugged next? If you aren’t sure or don’t have an answer you like, consider a love torso/doll.
  • What do you really want? A toy for your genitals? OR A toy for your whole body and imagination?

Touch is a vitamin. With your own Doll/Torso you can get an unlimited supply!

Wishing you all Maximum Respect and love

Signed, Max

Here is a video review of Salma

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Here is a video of BaddAngel with Salma!