Thank you for your interest in our free sex doll torso giveaway activity. Sorry, this event has ended!

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We have very high-quality sex doll torso. In order to let more people get to know about our products, here we have set up a giveaway activity, in which everyone is eligible to participate. Our giveaway activity will be carried out in an open and transparent real environment in order to ensure the authenticity of the activity.

How To Get Free Sex Doll Torso?

Step 1: Join Us

Visit and Follow our INS (@sexdolltorsos): and then send us a message on Instagram. In order to let us distinguish you as an activity applicant, your message content should be: I want to participate in giveaway. After we receive your message, we will pull you into our Instagram giveaway chat group.

Step 2: Promote Our Products

You can copy our website home page link, product category page link, product page link and other links to promote on the internet. Note: please do not use fraudulent advertising to promote our website.

How To Ensure The Authenticity Of The Activity?

You can promote our website by posting articles on your blog, posting on forums, posting on Twitter or Facebook, recording videos and posting them to Youtube and Pornhub video platforms.

Every time you complete a promotion, please publish your promotion access link address in the giveaway chat group to let us click in to check whether your promotion is effective. This is also to let all participating members in the giveaway chat group truly know whether your promotion is effective. Moreover, we will have a referee to specially count the promotion results of the participants in the promotion activities, and update the promotion ranking in the chat group every day, so that the participants can know their ranking position in time.

Do I Have A Good Chance Of Getting Free Sex Doll Torso?

You may be worried that you won’t win among numerous participants. We fully understand your concern. Therefore, in order to improve everyone’s access to free sex dolls, the number of participants allowed in each activity will be controlled to a certain number, usually 10, 20 or 30 people in a group, rather than thousands of people competing. So please hurry up and apply to join. Once the number of participants reaches the limit, we will stop newcomers from entering. In addition, you will have the opportunity to get large coupons as long as you participate in our giveaway activities. These coupons can be used when purchasing products on our website.

What Kind Of Free Sex Doll Can I Get?

You can get all sex dolls on our website for free. We will choose different sex dolls as prizes in every giveaway event, so not every time the prize is the same. Usually our prizes include: sex doll torso, deluxe sex doll care kit, large coupons, etc. The prizes will be different according to different rankings of participants, and all participants will have the opportunity to obtain large coupons. Before each giveaway event, we will announce in advance what prizes are used as event rewards. If you want to know the latest event prizes, please apply to join our sex doll torso giveaway event now. We will release the latest activity time and prizes in the giveaway chat group. There are many surprises waiting for you!

Join our free sex doll torso giveaway now. There is no charge and no threshold. Come and play together. You are not only our customer, but also our good friend!