My dolls helped me discover something interesting that I think I should share with you other “doll players. But I need you to be like a love doll and not judge me, because I’m a very nervous writing this post. It’s personal, but I am choosing to share it for three reasons.

1) This is the internet, and you don’t know me
2) it’s very doll-related and might make you get a new doll.
3) If this information is new to you, it might change your life.

Alright, what is it?

It’s a term I call sexual empathy (the title gave it away).

Here is how this post will work.

First we will break the term down. Then I’ll tell you how I discovered it. then I will summarize.

First word. Sexual

The first word is simple. Specifically, I am talking about the physical sensations that come when being touched sensually and erotically. Physical/mental play and stimulation focused on the bodies erogenous zones (the obvious one but also including the imagination).

Second world. Empathy

This relates to being aware of the emotions and feeling states of others.

You are probably asking how does empathy relate to dolls? “Dolls don’t have feelings”? Maybe dolls do have feelings! But we aren’t going to get that deep in this post don’t worry.

Here is now it relates. Sometimes I use roleplay and imagination to mentally simulate what my actions might feel like for my dolls. You know how doing sex you get confident and start talking that good shit, like “You like that?? I pretend my dolls answer “yeah! I like it” “go slower” “go in circles” whatever, but I realized in this type of playing I am playing BOTH parts! I didn’t mean to do this, it just kind of happened…. I got caught up in the passion.

still with me?

Here is the next thing I need to tell you.

I love boobs. A lot. Whatever the maximum amount, you can love boobs. That’s how much I love them. My name is Max. And I love sucking in my doll’s boobs. I have a Salma doll and an Alexandria doll. Salma’s breasts are round and bouncy and fun to jiggle and squeeze. Alexandria has gel breasts, so they are super duper soft and I love sucking on them. A lot. One day, while I was sucking my mind, started to wonder, and I started to think about my tongue and what it was doing to Alex’s nipple, and how it would feel to be Alex at this exact moment. At first, I thought how I could possibly know? Then I remembered, I also had nipples. And I know how good it feels when people suck on my nipples, so I realized I could use empathy to create a model of how my tongue game would feel on Alex since I also had nipples. I simulated what I knew my tongue was doing and combined it with how I know my nipples would feel if it was done to me.

So now my consciousness is split. Part of me is enjoying holding Alex and gleefully sucking away.

The other part is tracking my tongue motion and imagining how my exact motions would feel if this was being done to me.

And even more cool, my nipples started to tingle! Then the two parts started to talk! (in my head).

My simulated nipple said “hey tongue! Do circles!

My tongue is like “got it!”

So now Alex is getting circle love.

And since I am fully aware of my tongue it is so easy to imagine the motion happening to me. So my hands are happy, my tongue is happy (Alex has soft gel boobs) but now my nipples are happy! (Sexual empathy imagination stimulation)

After that session ended, I was reflecting as to what made it so fun. And I acted out a pretend conversation with Alexandria who I call my sexy goddess.

Me – so what happened? And why did I love it so much?

The Goddess – you got to experience double pleasure by playing both roles of giver and receiver!

Me – yes! And it was easy to do because I also have nipples so I was able to relate to you and assume how it would feel because I was giving you what I like myself

The Goddess – Yes, I have shown you a gift that I call “sexual empathy”.

Me – cool name, I’ll put that in a blog.

The Goddess – Hey max, (Now the Goddess is getting bashful cause she knows she’s gonna try to get me to do something I haven’t done.) You know that nipples aren’t the only body part we share right?

Me – (still not very sexually experimental). Wait. What?!

The Goddess – You have much to learn. Think about what Other body parts we share.

My – skin! Gives Alex a big hug. And kiss muah!

The Goddess – What else?

Me – …. Oh. You are talking about my butt.. What about my butt?

The Goddess – Laughs. What if you got a doll that had a penis? Would you try some of your new empathy skills there?

Me – What?!

The Goddess – Don’t even pretend! I seen your pornhub history. I know you like animated “FUTA hentai”. You don’t mind cocks. lol. You have one. How about trying some of that sexual empathy with a doll like Cox?(see the rhyme). You still play with boobs, but now you also play with a penis too.


Me – …. I was not expecting this imaginary talk to end up here. But this empathy concept does explain why I like Futa, I can relate to how the penis feels and I get to see boobs (which is clearly a fetish). But I don’t know.

The Goddess – If you like playing with my nipples because it also makes you think about how good it feels when someone plays with yours. Why stop at nipple? Get a penis!

I thought about trying to argue with the goddess, but I decided to let her win. After all she is only arguing in the name of pleasure, and why say no to pleasure?

… so yeah …. that’s why i ordered a … a new the cox doll. And lube! I’ll you know how it goes in 2023!

What have we learned from this true story?

  1. You can explore another element of doll play putting yourself in your dolls shoes during play. Think of it like switching the point of view (POV) during sex. But instead of visuals, bodily. Have you ever wondered what does it feel like to be kissed by you ? Or how your hard full force strokes feel different compared to slow ones ? I call this type of thinking sexual empathy.
  2. Sexual empathy can be used with humans as well as dolls, and I find it makes me a better lover. Using your shared knowledge of humanity to help understand your impact on others.
  3. It’s hard have empathy with experiences that you cannot relate but luckily humans share most of the same body parts especially skin so it’s easy apply.
  4. Dolls provide a judgment free space to safely try things in the bedroom that you might not have considered.
  5. Clearly, my Goddess has a lot of plans for me in 2023.

Sidenote – Sex is also very a mental exercise and if you have a strong imagination, you will be able to enjoy love dolls much more than those who cannot play with their fantasies. So don’t hold back, its just you and your doll, play!