This is part 2 of my 4 part series on sex doll clothing guide. The ideas here can be applied on both full size sex doll and torso doll.

Brief intro

Hello again, my fellow sex doll owners! This is the 2nd post of my 4 part clothing guide series. This guide aims to provide my personal insight for sex doll customizing through clothing. If you are interested in learning more, definitely check out my previous post.

Assuming you have read my previous post, and you went online and gathered a list of smoking hot, sensuous panties, lingerie, skirts…that you are interested in buying for you beloving sex doll. When you hit the checkout, you realize “Wait a second… what size should I be getting?” Worry not my friend, in this post I will cover most of what you need to know before you make those purchases.

Determine the correct measurement

This goes without saying. Imagine that you bought the most exquisite, luxurious panties, and later found out that it is too small for the big bouncy bum of your precious doll to put on. I don’t know about you, but if that happens to me…

Definitely not my personal experience. LOL

Anyways, most of the sex doll vendors will show the body measure of the doll on their website, here’s an example from the vendor sexdolltorso – Alexandra measurement. Due to copyright issues, I am not allowed to show links from other vendors, but I am pretty sure Tantaly shows product measurements on their site as well.

Notice the measurements are provided in two units – inch and cm. I suggest you open the page that shows body measurement on a separate browser tab, so it is easier to compare the clothing measurement against your doll.

Compare the clothing size

Ok, I understand this is an obvious thing to do, but please bear with me for a minute or two, just to make sure you don’t miss the detail. You know that the size S,M, L and XL could be different for every vendor right? Or different countries depending on where the vendor is based? If you know already, great! If not, here’s an example showing the actual size difference for the US and UK (src: )

You see the problem here? The size measurement S, M, L is not really reliable as you think. When it comes down to body measurement, it is much safer to rely on the unit cm or inch. When I first research the clothing for my Alexandra (89lbs BBW type sex doll), I stuggle to find her clothing mainly because I wasn’t sure if it would fit her huge bum and colossal tits (excuse my language here :D). The solution was to find a vendor that provides clothing size charts. For instance, I bought mine from this vendor called “Avidlove” on amazon, and here’s a capture of the chart and the corresponding link (

You see how much more accurate this is? Few more details to look out for is the body part you based the measurement on. Let’s be honest here, the body proportions of your loving doll is way way too good, or a bit unrealistic to be fair. So oftentimes the clothing you are interested in getting might not have the perfect size that matches the clothing chart. If this is the case, don’t worry, because in this case a little bit of imperfection is fine (just like how we humans are wouldn’t you say :D).

For example, let’s say you want to get a school girl lingerie set from avidlove (here’s an actual photo of Alexandra in the Lingerie set).

So according to the clothing chart from Avidlove, Alexandra’s bust size is way off the chart. But in this case it doesn’t matter because the top is secured by a string, so the bust size doesn’t really matter. As for the skirt, at first glance it seems a M size would do. BUT, if you consider how you will put the skirt on, a L size would be better because it still needs to go through the 41.92 inch of bust from the top. The reason I won’t go for XL is because the skirt is stretchable, so an XL would be an overkill IMHO.

Key takeaways:

  1. Find the body measurement of the doll from vendor’s official site
  2. Find the clothing chart of the vendor you are interested in buying from
  3. Cross compare the clothing chart with the doll’s measurement in units such as inch or cm, not clothing size S, M, L..etc.
  4. Consider how you will put the cloth on, and make your decision accordingly.
  5. If the clothing material is stretchable, the size does not need to fit perfectly.
  6. Try to avoid clothing with metallic accessory as those could damage you precious doll
  7. If possible, try to find clothing that’s just a little bit tight, but not too extreme. Slightly tight clothing can help to highlight the curvy outline of your doll, which makes it looks more adorable.

That’s it for this part 2 post! In the next post, I will go over some of my personal clothing tricks that could help to elevate your experience. Until next time~

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