“Please carefully read our privacy policy agreement. You have all the rights to decline this policy. In case you do not accept it, you might fail to use our site properly.”

Statement of Privacy and Policy Scope

This privacy policy will govern the way you use our website on various devices like a computer, tablet, mobile phone, or any other electronic device, third-party services, or APIs. It also states what we will do to protect your privacy and how you can connect to us regarding your privacy of using our site. Also, you will understand the type of information we collect from you and the way we share and use that information. The personal data you will provide us will be under data protection laws and a Data Controller will be managing that data and will be liable for your data.

Consent to Our Privacy Policy

To perform normal tasks of our website, we may have to collect or in some instances disclose your data. We need consent from you about the collection of your personal data. You will have the right to decline it. If you agree to give your data, then you can also withdraw it anytime. With your consent, you will also agree about the delivery, use, and processing of your personal data as mentioned in our privacy policy.

What Information We Collect

We collect identification data (both non-personal and personal) from what you give online. It is done as per EU legislation. As you provide us the data, you also agree that your age is 18 years or more.

Reasons to Collect Data

Here are the reasons why we will collect your personal data:

  • You provided consent to us
  • Both sides have an agreement contractually
  • Our legitimate interest

Sometimes, we need your data to serve you properly. If you cannot give us that data, we may fail to assist you adequately. In some cases, we have the right to ask for your data to protect either your interest or someone else’s. Also, you will have to agree that the contents you post on this site are yours and you give us the copyrights to use them.

How We Collect Your Personal Data


In some cases, while using our site, you will be asked to submit your name or email id to communicate with us or even feature on the site. It is up to you whether you will provide that information or not. But, without such data, you will not be able to post content on this site.


When you come to our site(SexDollTorso.com), we will use our data technology system to gather information regarding the device you are using, the browser you are using, your IP (internet protocol) address, the information about your connection, time zone, plug-ins in the browser, platform, and operating system along with the data about your subscription to our website.

Third-Party Sources

Sometimes, you might have to gather information about yourself from a third-party source to serve you better. It will be done as per the law. Please check the privacy policies of those sites to understand the way they will use your data. We will keep your personal data safe.

How We Make Use of Your Data

Here is how we will make use of your data:

  • To improve or make changes to our website
  • Answers the queries you make
  • Ask for ratings
  • Settlement of disputes
  • Gives statistics to third-parties

How We Will Share Your Data


We will never distribute, exchange, or provide private or personal data to any third-party source apart from the reasons given in this privacy policy. We might have to use your personal data to defend legal rights. It will be done as per the law.

Data Processor

We have data processors on our site. They will work according to the rules and regulations by the data protection regulations from the governing bodies.

Dispute Settlement

We have to disclose your data on a “need-to-know” cause which will be done to resolve any dispute between sellers and buyers. Still, we will ensure the absolute protection of your personal data in every possible manner.

Our Cookies Policy

You can disable our cookies whenever you want through the settings of your browser. You can also reject or block any cookies that a website will look to place on your website. But, if you block or remove our cookies, our website might malfunction partially on your device. We use cookies to enhance the experience of the users of our sites. We will request you to accept the cookies when you come to our website. You have the right to decline that request.

Reason We May Contact You

You may get emails and other means of general communication if you give us permission to do so.

How We Will Manage Direct Marketing

As you give us the consent, we will be able to send marketing emails to your directly. You can revoke your consent by sending us an email.

Our Policy for Data Retention

We will store your personal data according to laws, policies, and regulations. It is needed for statutory, regulatory, and legal obligations. We will check regularly about the data we need and dispose of the data we don’t need anymore.

Policy for Children

This website does not address children under the age of 18. We don’t collect any data from any person under 18. So, if you discover that your child (under 18) has given us personal information, please get in touch with us. We will remove any such data immediately.

Privacy Policy Changes

We have the right to change, update, or even modify our privacy policy. You are requested to visit our site regularly to know about the changes we make. You will agree to abide by the changes we make to our privacy policy.

Our Policy for Do Not Track

This website will not respond to any mechanisms or signals for “Don Not Track”.

How to Contact Us

If you have any queries about our privacy policy, then you can get in touch with us through this website or our contact email [email protected].