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  1. JJ

    Alex 2.0 is perfect. There’s nothing else to say.

    For context, I recently purchased Alex 1.0, which wasn’t the best experience, and I left a detailed, 2-star review on here about her breast firmness and subpar packaging. BUT, I knew she had potential.

    SDT immediately responded with incredible detail, and let me know that Alex 2.0 was being released with improvements in the exact areas I had critiqued. Hallelujah!!

    They have absolutely delivered. Alex 2.0 has wonderfully soft boobies, and more secure packaging to help with shipping and storage.

    She is fucking amazing. I really can’t even describe it lol. And I’m not just saying that — I’ve been around the block with torsos of this caliber from reputable brands. Alex is truly 1:1, beautifully soft and squishy, and SO real looking/feeling. She is precious, I just want to hold her and keep her safe.

    This is the best sex torso on the market. If you’re looking for AMAZING sex, and AMAZING cuddles/something to keep you warm and safe at night, look no further. Your woman is right here.

    Thanks for everything, SDT. You deserve more recognition!

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  2. A

    I will moving soon and don’t really have space and don’t want to throw her away completely so I made some adjustments normal knifes make tpe cutting difficult use a serrated knife I recommend using scissors at the end to smoothen the edges.

    I started cutting I’m keeping her boobs they came out nice. For the breast I started below the neck was feeling for the skeleton holding the shoulders I cut downwards behind the breast in a (shape) Once you have a nice entry way with the knife I recommend pulling to stretch the skin holding it there then Cut makes it more easier.

    Getting towards the bottom half I was fallowing the spine of the skeleton I cut upstairs making sure I was 8 inches away from the outside of the vagina towards the breast. To not cut in or make the vaginal or anus tunnel walls thin.

    I love the skeleton as a handle and it’s not so heavy so I can move around with it. The hand gives me a Very Good Grip to thrust into her. The handle has some tpe still works good like a rubber grip. Still looking rough gotta make smother cuts tpe not that easy.

    Almost a year ago I got this memory foam bathroom mat and it has kept Salma cerves perfect.

    I put this on top of the already internal foam of the dolls packaging.

    It’s like a inch or half a inch thick.

    It has adjusted nicely to the dolls shape.

    Doesn’t look like it’s flattening or sinking anymore under the dolls weight it’s keeping that shape now.

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  3. O

    It’s really fun to use. Before I bought Olsen i’ve been using tantaly’s Cecilia and althought it’s not apples to apples comparasion, I cannot deny the fact that i has proven to be an upgrade in all areas.
    When waiting for Olsen, I was worried that upgrade in experiance would be there but not significant enough to be satisfying, but i’m happy to report that difference is night and day.

    TPE is really soft, (soften than tantaly’s) and gel breasts and butt are a game changer. Butt slapping against you never gets old, and so is looking at boobs bouncing up and down. Tunnel’s depth is also worth mentioning. I’m 18+cm and it’s a breath of fresh air having a toy I can go balls deep in without bland sensation. Hole placement is perfect for a doggy.

    Part of fun is also dressing her up which I didn’t think I would be enjoying so much. My tip is to get a wig and place it on a pillow in front of a toy when going from behind, works surprisingly well for immersion 🙂 Also I had no problems applying temporary tattos on a toy after washing a spot with a soap.

    Support is also great after sales, they will go above and beyond to make sure customer leaves happy.

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  4. J

    I’ll try to keep this short and simple compared to the other reviews but for the people that feel uncertain but are interested in buying this, it’s 100% worth it no doubt.
    It looks and feels real too, just don’t forget to use lube first 👍🏽

    My wife & I couldn’t make a decision if we should purchase this product because we were unsure if this website was legit. All the positive reviews and nothing negative really didn’t help our skepticism but now we understand why. My wife was even jealous of it at first and it was her idea 😂, Ngl we love it.

    A few tips for people interested in buying.. If you’re a tall person like myself and a fan of doggy-style position then you might need something to lay underneath to even the height ratio for the doll. Also if you’re a strong person that goes to the gym, this doll can still be very awkward to carry or hold. I low key underestimated it, the doll can be workout itself for some of you but I still have no regrets about it. Lastly, the cleaning process can be a pain but I recommend you keep all the packaging that it came in to store it properly.

    ~P.S. I give this doll 5 stars but honestly 4/5 because there’s always room for improvement. I even have some ideas Id love to share with this company myself but we look forward to what SDT advertises next!

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  5. T

    The best jiggles EVER! Fast/Discreet Shipping, Fantastic quality and incredible design. As soon as I opened the box I couldn’t keep my hands off of it.

    Jennifer 2.0 is the best!

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  6. JJ

    Alexandra is okay, not great. She has a lot of room for improvement. I will start with the main negatives: breast softness and packaging.

    To start, her breasts. This is the main reason for dropping stars. They are nearly solid. It’s like they have no gel in them. I honestly think I could’ve gone with the solid breast option, and had the exact same experience. This is something other reviewers had mentioned, but from videos other people posted of the boobs bouncing, and from her description, I figured those other reviewers were overreacting, and that her boobs would be squishy/fine. But I should’ve listened to those more critical reviews. Her breasts are FAR too firm. I understand the stated reasoning for this is to protect their longevity, but in my opinion that completely defeats the point of even having a doll. I am here to protect and cherish the doll myself — the doll shouldn’t sacrifice realism/comfort so that it lasts longer on its own in the box/during shipping. The only way she’s going to get damaged is if I improperly handle her, which I won’t. At least I’m willing to take the risk of having her be more vulnerable, if it means I can actually have a realistic, satisfying experience. I would very willingly/prefer to put the extra work in on my end to be more careful with her, making sure she’s okay/safe and sound in my bed with her beautiful softness. But thats not the case in reality. I’m now just left with solid breasts that aren’t pleasurable to squeeze or snuggle up next to, in exchange for them to be more durable. They feel very fake, are very immersion-breaking and disappointing, and really take away from what this doll could do well. For reference/context, I own Tantaly’s Monroe. Her breasts are probably at least 30% softer. And Tantaly does the same thing with Monroe’s gel breasts — they are slightly less soft in order to make them more durable. I think SDT is just behind the competition on this front. In addition, I had a torso doll with solid breasts for about 6 months — Alexandra’s feel the same, as solid. They aren’t horrible, you could maybe get used to them, but they are nowhere near what gel breasts can be. And if you’re someone like me who knows what gel breasts can/SHOULD feel like, you’ll know right away that Alex’s tits are way too hard. Not worth the price or hassle if you prefer realism, which is what I thought Alexandra was striving for. I think she is, but she’s just not there yet.

    In terms of packaging, she was was protected inside two boxes, with foam sheets underneath and on top. She was wrapped in a plastic bag. Its hard to tell in the pictures I took, but there were markings on her skin from the packaging around her boobs/belly. It was almost as if the manufacturing oil/dust melted onto her skin. When I first unwrapped her, it literally felt like there was glue on some areas of her skin. I thought a bath would help, but the markings were still there after a thorough wash with mild soap and water. The stickiness went away, but whatever “melted” on her skin left markings. And around those particular areas with the “glue”, there was some immediate degradation of the materials. I don’t particularly blame SDT for this, as my package was delayed in transit. Maybe the package was left in a hot warehouse or something. But regardless, improved packaging would help mitigate this issue, and also possibly looking into the materials used to make and preserve the doll. To reference Tantaly again, they pack their dolls in custom fit styrofoam boxes, which help the dolls keep their shape. Alex’s ass was flattened a little from leaning on the ground during transit. Just little things/defects like this that make the experience overall worse, but could easily be fixed with better packaging. I don’t know how feasible that is considering the size of Alex, but it’s definitely something to consider. And I think this also ties into her breast softness. I think with more secure packaging, SDT could feel more confident in making Alex with much softer breasts.

    However, despite these current shortcomings, Alex has the potential to be the best doll on the market, by far. Her size is absolutely incredible. She is so thick and voluptuous. The goosebumps on her skin feel amazing. Her ass is so juicy and bouncy. She really meets you halfway and leans into your body like you lean into hers. She’s perfectly 1:1, in both width and height. Her pussy is very tight and soft. Her weight and size are her biggest appeal, and for good reason. She approaches realism with purpose. But she is less complete/refined as an overall doll. The immersion of her size/weight cannot compensate for the lack of immersion with her overly stiff breasts and packaging defects.

    I REALLY want to love Alex, but she’s just not up to par with her competition. If SDT gave her more secure packaging to help avoid damage, and gave her much softer boobs, I would instantly buy her again. But for now, I’d say she’s still a work in progress. In my opinion, interested buyers should wait for Alexandra 2.0, or look into other dolls. But SDT is really onto something here. Alex 1.0 is like a solid prototype. Alex 2.0 would change the game.

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    • A

      Hi Dear,

      Thank you for taking the time to provide us with such a detailed review of Alexandra. We appreciate your honest feedback and assure you that we have carefully considered your suggestion.

      You mentioned two main concerns in your review: the hardness of Alexandra’s breasts and the lack of safe packaging protection. Let us address each point individually.

      Regarding the hardness of Alexandra’s breasts, we acknowledge that the old version of Alexandra (Alexandra 1.0) utilized our first-generation gel breast formula. While this material is softer than ordinary TPE, we understand that it may not meet the expectations of those who prioritize a higher level of softness. We have been diligently working to enhance our products, and I am delighted to inform you that we have successfully upgraded Alexandra to Alexandra 2.0, which incorporates our latest gel breast material. This new version aims to provide a more realistic and satisfying experience. We proudly announce that Alexandra 2.0 will be released on May 28, 2024.

      Regarding the issue you mentioned about her skin surface appearing to have glue-like markings, we have carefully reviewed the photos you provided. Our analysis suggests that this phenomenon on Alexandra’s skin may be due to slight wear and tear resulting in peeling, likely caused by strong impacts during shipping. These impacts could be due to the truck transporting the package passing through very bumpy roads or being accidentally dropped onto a hard surface during transit. Your photos show that these injury marks are relatively small. Please accept our sincerest apologies for this inconvenience.

      To address this issue, we have improved the packaging of the new Alexandra, Alexandra 2.0 version. The updated packaging now includes a pearl cotton card slot designed to secure Alexandra and prevent her from moving inside the box. This enhancement ensures that her breasts are suspended in any direction, protecting them from being pressed by her body weight against the box surface, thus preventing skin wear. Additionally, the pearl cotton card slot will fix her body, reducing friction with the packaging box and further preventing skin damage.

      In the long term, we are considering your suggestion to use custom-fit styrofoam boxes for Alexandra to provide even better protection.

      Thank you once again for your comprehensive feedback. Despite Alexandra’s shortcomings in the packaging, we are delighted that you still appreciate her other strengths. We continually strive to improve our products for a more perfect customer experience. Your support for our brand is greatly appreciated!

      Best regards,
      SDT Customer Service Team

  7. A

    So, my Scarlet doll arrived with a defect that was a cut in between the anal and vaginal tunnel making use somewhat awkward. However, disregarding that defect the size and weight of the doll is nice and it jiggles just as much as they say.

    As for the defect, the customer support experience has made up for it entirely.

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  8. T

    The Gel Formula:
    It really suits the butt. It’s a good balance of jiggle and firmness. This doll convinced me to get the Olsen doll which also uses the gel for the butt and it’s perfect. A bit of a tangent, consideration for a softer type of gel specifically for the boobs would be really appreciated. I have the Mariah doll too, which has the larger boobs, but I think they could be better with a softer/jigglier gel. A good reference for what I mean is Tiddy.shops Venus Booty (compared in video). Even though that’s a butt torso, the gel formula and stretchable tpe they use would be great for boobs, they just don’t make any torsos like Mariah.

    Sex Positons:
    The doll is great in doggy and missionary. The length and flexability of the thighs help a lot on the overall movement of the doll in those positions.

    The cowgirl positions unfortunately were not so great. Because of how flexible the legs are with no skeleten, you can’t use them to assist/support itself. She folds up too much and makes the angle of her holes hard to get to. Reverse CG is more managable because you can use pillows to prop up her torso, but it is still not the most comfortable.

    Overall, I’m happy with this purchase. What they advertise on the site and videos is accurate and totally what you get. You guys are making great products.

    Video #1 from TT
    Video #2 from TT
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    • C

      Hi TT,

      We are thrilled to receive your comprehensive review and want to extend our heartfelt thanks for your continued patronage. Having you as a loyal customer who has brought three of our dolls into your life is a true compliment to our brand.

      We watched the comparison video you mentioned, and it’s fascinating to see Doris alongside Tiddy Shops’ Venus Booty. 🙂

      From the video you shared, it’s clear that while Doris and Venus Booty may have some similarities in appearance, they have distinct differences that set them apart.

      From your video, we observed that the Venus Booty is uneven and collapsed, which could suggest a difference in material quality or manufacturing processes. Is that an intentional design feature, or is it a sign of wear or a manufacturing issue?

      We designed Doris to balance realism and durability. The moderate softness of Doris’ butt is intended to mimic the feel of real human flesh without compromising structural integrity. This way, when you grasp her butt, you experience a realistic sensation that doesn’t feel overly soft or unnatural.

      Regarding your experience with different sex positions, your insights are beneficial. We will take your comments into account and explore potential improvements.

      Thank you once again for your support and for taking the time to share your experiences with us. We look forward to continuing to serve you with great products and hope to exceed your expectations in the future. 🙂

      Best regards,
      SDT Customer Service Team

  9. CP

    Alexandra was my first sex doll torso ever. I’ve owned fleshlights before but never something like this so I didn’t really know what to expect.

    The craftsmanship/sculpt of the body is incredible. The thin bumps on the skin and shape of all the features is really impressive and lifelike. I chose Alexandra because I loved her voluptuous figure from the photos and she definitely does not disappoint in real life. I think even her ab muscles and the curve of her back and back muscles are all very beautiful and sexy.

    Her orifices feel really good. I’m using the water based h2o gun oil lube. I like hugging her in missionary position and feeling her skin and breasts again my skin. Although this feels good I think my sweat can get in the doll and make it less soft so I want to keep an eye on that. I’ve had the doll for a monthish now and I sort of feel like it’s not as soft as the first week and maybe this is the reason. I also really like doggy and grabbing her hips and bouncing against her butt or grabbing the breasts in doggy. This is really where I think the weight of the doll helps add to the realism eg I’d imagine dolls that are not as heavy or huge wouldn’t give you the same effect in doggy.

    In doggy just being on the bed with no extra pillows or anything I can only really do anal. I haven’t been able to reach her vagina in this position but I could try and experiment with heights, pillows etc. Similarly in missionary I only go for the vagina. Haven’t tried going for anal in this position. Not a big deal for me since both feel good and I have no frame of reference since this is my first doll. From the company’s perspective I don’t how feasible it would be for the design of the doll to be able to reach all orifices in every position. It may be a difficult design challenge. Not a huge deal for me but something to take note of. just my experience also – ymmv.

    With the h2o gun oil I only use it near the orifices and I’ve noticed the orifices have attracted some dust and debris which makes me think that maybe the lube has taken away from the protective powder/oil and make the doll more prone to getting dirty in that area by being more tacky. Just my hypothesis but could be wrong.

    Alexandra is a pretty heavy doll, but I kind of like that. It adds to the realism and moving her around can be like a mini workout. So maybe after a year of having her you’ll be see some strength gains lol. Definitely advise lifting with the legs and hips (like a deadlift) and not bending down with your back to pick her up (curved back, snap city deadlift) since you will be stronger in this type of lift.

    Overall I’m enjoying this doll a lot. It’s a pretty cool experience. It definitely is a much different experience than masturbating/using a fleshlight. It’s more active, gets your blood pumping, and your body seems to release more endorphins and feel good chemicals (maybe cause it is in some ways similar to real sex compared to just jacking off). It was a big purchase for me that was somewhat risky cause it was my first one and I didn’t know how it was going to turn out but I’ve been loving it so far!

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  10. A

    Jennifer 2.0 got the best backshots ever.

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