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  1. SO TIGHT wow having loads of fun on salmas vagina tunnel just keeps squeezing my dick dont no what to do with my self .i like to squeeze her stomach just as the tip of my dick is entering so i get that full vacuum effect and those bumps and ridges inside are amazing. anus is crazy tight plus watching those tits bounce is to much when shes on top. top quality doll easy clean good weight so you can bend her in all sorts of positions happy i bought her plus the skin feels so real

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  2. The package is really handy to clean and use but the heating rod have the residue from the tunnel after use. The heating take about 7-10 min to heat up, it turn green when it done heating. Before this package arrive, I use the women pad for the drying process it work as well.

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  3. For the price I wasn’t expecting much, but this really surprised me! It has a fantastic weight and feel to the skin, the holes are very well designed and pleasurable, and for the price, nothing comes close!

    HOWEVER, the breasts are quite disappointing. They truly feel like 2 compressed tennis balls, and are very very firm. While the nipples are somewhat pleasant, the overall breasts may as well not be there if they are your preference. Since I’m not much of a upperbody person this didn’t bother me too much, but beware if that is your preference.

    Overall, for the price, and the quality of the holes and packaging, with the drawback of the breasts, I would rate this 4/5 stars.

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  4. No contact needed

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  5. The delivery was late only by a day but it came fine no damage.

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  6. The quality of this product is above what we expected. The attention to detail makes the design very accommodating, and feels like the real thing! I think the app/modes really makes this toy a LOT of fun to use. Definitely worth the money!

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  7. It’s a nice product. Very tight and the suction is great!

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  8. Alexandra feels awesome! Really does feel like a real woman when your inside her. I use a heating rod for her holes and a heating pad for her body. The jiggle bounce is very satisfying if you have her cowgirl position. About the only negatives that I have is that she is heavy. You practically have to wrestle with her to accomplish various positions but then again I like it because it adds to the realism. Other than that she feels awesome. Skin feels real especially warming it with a heating pad. Ass also feels real, especially when its bouncing off of you. Her breast feel very realistic and bounce lovely. Im 6’2 225lbs. Hope this is helpful

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    • Hi Manny,

      Thank you for your feedback and love Alexandra!

      The model of Alexandra is made to mimic real life European size women, the product is heavy in weight and specially designed for ventured player. 😊

      Best Regards,
      SDT Customer Service Team

  9. Website and customer service was excellent. Amy was very attentive from the moment I placed the order until I received it. Answered questions promptly also. Thank you Amy. Delivery was fast but box was busted open. Good thing its double boxed. Would suggest better packaging material for Alexandra as she is pretty heavy and just placing the doll in the box makes the box a little wobbly when handling it if you know what I mean.

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  10. Greetings, I stumbled upon this website after finding out about torsos from reddit sub group sexdolltorso. Overall the website is great and is full of useful information such as how to clean and maintain your toys, Accurate height and weight for the toys. From answering questions to deliver of my product the customer service has been outstanding with communication and support from them. The deliver was fairly quick and as promised by Amy it would be around 4 days.

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