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  1. Wow what a lady!

    I bought Alexandra after Jennifer because I wanted a pair of big breasts too!
    I can say that I was not disappointed with the purchase.
    Her entire creation is absolutely wonderful.
    The breasts are large and swing beautifully when you thrust her.
    It feels like a pair of large silicon breasts on a woman.
    Soft and nice to bury your face or your manhood.
    Her holes are incredibly well made, both visually and how they feel inside.
    The skin is soft and firm and detailed with goosebumps over the bottom and stomach and small imperfections that look real.
    You will need some strength when playing with her! Alexandra is really heavy!
    I use a mattress and cover it with plastic when I wash her,
    then she lies softly in the bathtub and it is easy to blast her clean.
    I have bought an awesome storage bag that fits full-scale torsos.
    Just don’t forget to wash the bag properly first as I missed that part and got a faint color on her.
    Looks like she’s been slapped on the butt.
    Nothing that bothers me right away.
    Do the color test first!
    Can be purchased from this site and doesn’t cost much.
    So use your imagination and let her sit on you and bounce or take her from behind or the missionary.
    So if you want something real to stick your dick in, don’t hesitate if you can afford it! you will have a completely different experience with Alexandra!

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    • Hi dear,

      Thank you for shopping with us again! Each order means the world to us!

      Alexandra is a curvy queen, she have so much sexy curves, the big boobs, hot ass that make men go crazy! lol

      We would like to share some care tips with you:

      Though TPE is very durable and elastic, sex doll skin is porous. This means there are tiny holes which give her softness, but can make her vulnerable to absorbing moisture and staining. The most common reason sex dolls get stained is exposure to new dark colored fabric, or tightly fitting clothing with elastic waistbands.

      Be very careful about the type of clothes and storage bag you choose. We should always do the soak test before you store Alexandra in the storage bag, “i.e. soak and wash the cloth thoroughly.”. Put the storage bag in warm water containing laundry detergent. Wait for about ten minutes and see if there is any bleeding of the color of the storage bag into the water. If not, it’s okay. If there is, prepare water and wash again. Repeat over and over until there is no bleeding. Leave it overnight and then wash it a few times. Until the water comes out clear.

      Also It depends on the storage bag. If the storage bag doesn’t fade, we don’t dye them.

      When not in use, the doll should always be put away naked to prevent potential stains or marks from the clothes.

      For TPE dolls, the horizontal lying position is better for preservation. Please avoid downward positions, which may cause the doll’s chest to deform.

      Best Regards,
      SDT Customer Service Team

  2. *Video is best played from left to right*

    Here’s my experience with Grace:

    The shipping took about 7 days; it was fast and discreet. The package arrived in perfect condition, and inside the hip was well-protected with foam sheets and plastic bags. I even received a bonus pair of panties at no additional cost.

    For me, Grace is the perfect size for a companion with a petite frame. Her skin is soft, but there’s something interesting about it. I’m not too sure if it’s because there’s no skeleton or the TPR material they used, but it has a subtle firmness that adds to its realistic feel. It’s not squishy like the boobs on a doll; it feels like an actual ass while still retaining that enjoyable softness.

    No regrets about buying it—I mean, it’s priced at $316, so it’s an excellent value. The attention to detail in its folds, colouring, and textures is impressive. The photos and video speak for themselves. Let’s not forget the small details like pores, which add to the lifelike immersive feeling. They can be hard to spot from a distance, but by running your hand across her stomach and legs, you will definitely feel them. It’s a super subtle touch, but to me it really just makes it feel real and more genuine.

    Another thing I love is the anatomically correct placement of the lower holes; it enhances the realism of the hip. The vaginal and anal tunnels provide unique and pleasurable experiences, with various ridges, bumps, and tightness. I’ve only had a few experiences with this toy so far, but I can say that the vaginal tunnel offers a moderately tight yet intense and enveloping feeling, while the anal tunnel delivers a tighter and more stimulating experience.

    For a life-sized hip, I’m surprised that it only weighs 32 pounds. It strikes a perfect balance of weight and size, offering a range of positions and a hands-free experience. In the end, weight isn’t a major concern for me, and I can see myself using this all the time.

    Overall, Grace’s realistic details are visually appealing. The vaginal and anal tunnels provide a fun and pleasurable addition to any collection. The TPR material feels realistic and soft, and the attention to colour and textures enhances the immersive experience. The lifelike feel, unique sensations, and versatility in positions make it an excellent choice for elevating your solo or partnered sexual experiences. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced enthusiast in the world of sex dolls, I highly recommend considering Grace for a new and exciting adventure.

    Hope you find this review helpful!

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    • Hi LimeK,

      Thank you so much for love of our product and your detailed feedback!

      Grace is a lighter and bouncier life-size doggy style queen. She is without a skeleton, so you don’t worry about damaging her skeleton in the future.

      Best Regards,
      SDT Customer Service Team

  3. Yes Grace is amazing. I have a hard time connecting with people and i get lonely butt with this amazing azz i can finally practice and not feel so lonely anymore. Thank you guys for this amazing creation. Who ever is reading this and is considering grace or amy orther products please take my advice and get it. You will not regret. I genuinely felt like i was having real sex. I don’t haft to hold her or i can depending on the position but over any sex position work perfectly over all 10/10.

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    • Hi dear,

      Thank you for providing us with your feedback!

      We’re so happy that you enjoyed our Grace torso sex doll! As we know, numerous studies show that realistic sex dolls can be helped with loneliness and breakup. Their lifelike features and realistic touch make them feel like you have a real partner with you.

      We understand that life can be stressful and overwhelming, and that’s why we have created Grace, she also is a stress-reliever that is both convenient and effective. With her lifelike features and realistic feel, she can help you feel less alone and more connected to your desires.

      In addition, using Grace can stimulate the release of endorphins and other feel-good hormones, helping you feel happier and more satisfied with your life overall. Grace is an excellent investment in yourself and your happiness!

      May your life be filled with joy, happiness, and love. Love more. Worry less. Take time to do what makes your soul happy! 🙂

      Best regards,
      SDT Customer Service Team

  4. What follows in this post is a collection of thoughts and answers to questions people interested in SEXDOLLTORSO’s Hip toy grace will have. I hope you find this valuable information in deciding whether Grace is for you.

    TLDR – If you are the type of person that ever tried to put their Fleshlight in a pillow or between mattresses to make it feel more natural, this toy was made for you. It is not much longer than a Fleshlight but it feels realer because it is shaped like an actual butt.

    A bit about me I have many male sex toys (most I don’t like #tunnelsize). A Love doll helped save my life. I don’t think dolls are for everybody.

    The Typical review stuff.

    Shipping Packaging is Simple. 2 brown boxes and plastic wrap—ships from the United States. (so, if you live in North America, it can arrive within days.

    Privacy considerations It fits in a pillowcase (small and private points) but is shaped like a butt (not so discrete).

    General Advice – If you are larger than average girth-wise, this is a no-brainer. Thank me later. If you are looking for a sex toy that feels like real sex, this is for you. If you are obsessed with big butts, this isn’t a big butt. This is a nice butt. It is minimal care compared to love dolls but more work than a Fleshlight. (Realism comes at a time cost).

    Overall recommendation Great toy for sexual practice and play. If you are trying to save on money, space, or weight, this is the one to get. If you are looking for a good easy-to-manage realistic sex toy, this is it.If you are looking for a love doll don’t get this. This is not a love doll. I would say this is a male masturbator shaped like a love doll hip made from the highest quality TPR. If you are the type of person that ever tried to put their Fleshlight in a pillow to make it feel more real, this toy was made for you.

    How I play/work with this lovely toy.

    1. In a chair- Toy (Grace) in a chair, me standing up, POV porn. Me sitting down, writing this, this doll bouncing in my lap. Lap cuddle/dance.

    2. With my other dolls. I also have full-sized dolls, but this toy allows me to keep my dolls dressed or posed to do whatever they are doing for longer periods without me having to undress them have sex, then wash, and then dress them. Now they can stay doing whatever, and I have sex with this toy. Feels as good or better #tunnelsize, and I have a ton of time. Everyone wins. I have a silicone bust that looks amazing, but the tunnel is too right, so I play with both, kissing the silicone bust face and playing with Grace because this doll feels better. Win-win.

    3. By itself in bed – This is a full-sized doll’s hip. If this doll had all the other parts, it would be around 160cm+ sized. Big doll. This toy stands on its own just fine. Cowgirl (obviously!) I have tried, Irontech dolls, 6ye, Tantaly, Fleshlight, the handy, max 2, auto blow… and this toy is only second to SDT’s Alexandra in terms of realism and pleasure. Being second to Alex is the highest compliment I can give a toy this size because (as a rule) weight makes things feel more real, and Alex is 89 pounds. Grace is 30 pounds.

    Again – If you mostly want real sex, this will be the only toy you need. If I had this toy first I probably wouldn’t have bought another sex toy.

    Tunnel Size

    This toy has the widest love tunnels I have ever found in a “fixed” sex doll. And for that reason alone, it is my favourite toy to play with. Confession/Humble brag – I am slightly larger in circumference than average, and I could never really “FEEL” all the magical textures inside most of the dolls I reviewed. I erroneously thought I was a bit numb. BUT. Recently I read online that sometimes if a toy is too tight, you won’t be able to feel the textures cause your girth is stretching it so much the textures are getting compressed too much to matter. (Where am I going with this?) this doll is the first one that I was like, “Whoa, these tunnels are exciting and nuanced” It didn’t feel like “doll sex,” which is what I guess I was referring to as sex when the tunnel is too small. (It just feels “tight”) good, but sex with humans doesn’t feel that “tight”. With this toy, it felt more real and more nuanced than any other I have tried. And I think it’s because of the diameter of the tunnels (not the length).

    ** Note to doll makers/marketers = Advertise the diameter of your tunnels. Some of us Girthy People will buy your toys just for toys that fit. So thank you to SDT for making a doll that allows me to appreciate the work that makes these textures pleasurable.

    I asked SDT for the information on Grace’s tunnels

    Here is what they said

    – “Introital diameters: about 0.8in/2cm

    – The vaginal canal width: about 1.25in/3.2cm

    – The anus canal width : about 0.8in/2cm

    – The vaginal canal is also not all the same diameter throughout.”

    This is interesting to me because if you check, most dolls have a 2cm diameter for their inserts. I have seen some stores welling additional large inserts with 3cm max. This toy has 3.2! and then the anus is the standard. That’s the best of both worlds! This toy will be a game changer if you are average or above average.

    Lets talk about Grace’s the skin and Care/touch

    The skin and surface feel very smooth and stable when powered, and it feels like its skin holds more powder than the avg TPE doll. It feels like high-quality TPR, firmer than TPE, less porous, and as a result, easier to clean. The way grace shoots out water when you flush/clean was impressive. I am confident this doll is well made and doesn’t have any internal leaks. Tight seal. It still needs to be cared for as if it is tpe (mild soap, rinse, dry powder). I don’t think this toy will ever need oil (fleshlights are TPR, and they don’t), but! I learned that using plain body lotion is a way to ensure that your doll/toy is fully oiled/lubricated without over-oiling. Overall this is the easiest and simplest doll/toy I have. I recommend this to people who don’t have too much time or ability to care for a toy/doll. o It still requires care, though. (Wash, powder, dry etc)

    Smell It smells clean. A bit closer to lovely soap than TPE. It smells good. It does smell like something, but it’s pleasant. I have had toys from cheap doll makers that smell toxic or “fumesish” as if the toy is constantly releasing something (foul). This toy smells like SDT intentionally added a mild perfume. It doesn’t smell like it is releasing anything.

    Summary of Strengths

    Sex Most Realistic + Best love tunnel I have know of! Def recommend for men with larger than average Penises Girth.Good for stamina training. There are different areas in each tunnel, so depending on how you approach your sex you can have a short session or a long enough even. This means it is good for stamina, chill, and intense, quick sessions.

    The Jiggle and bounce,

    Because there is no skeleton, it giggles and bounces more than any other love doll toy I have. it’s also scuplted in such a way that it still has outstanding structural integrity. It’s like some parts of the body are a bit denser than others; it’s an impressive feat of artistry. But it means you don’t need to do much to get the Grace to bounce back. Every session, I was surprised by what I could make this doll do, bouncing it on my knee and getting it to twerk in different ways based on the angle I approached—incredible stuff.(I don’t know how to say this politely) so I will just say it, this toy is the least “dead fishy” of all the dolls I have played with. It feels reactive and active even.

    Beautiful and realistic Shape,

    It’s a realistic ass, nice ass. The pictures on SDT’s site don’t lie. Like really nice, of an average maybe 5’3 person. No BBL, no surgery, not exaggerated. Just nice. Grace is a piece of art. It is mainly covered in skin texture (butt cheeks, abs, realistic stomach, beautiful vulva. Bouncy, jiggly pleasurable art. If you fantasize about a gigantic ass, this isn’t Grace (that’s Alex or Jennifer).

    Size, Width Grace is about half the size of a full-sized pillow. Height – About two pillows stacked high, OR the size of a butt/hip of a person around 5’3. Regarding discreteness, fitting this toy inside a pillowcase is very convenient. And it is light enough to easily carry to the bathroom if you want to clean the bathtub. Also, light enough to hold in one hand, not easily, but this is a light-ish toy. (Not recommended because of the jiggles) So its size and ease of managing make this a good toy for beginners Super Safe, no metal parts to break or stab you. The numbers on the site don’t lie, but it’s not as big as I expected; get a tape measurer to try to imagine its size.

    Critiques The Makeup Comes off fast! Sometimes I wish It had a skeleton; I dropped it once when it was wet. It is a bit floppy. But since it is floppy, it bounced when it hit the floor of my tub. Lol. So the lack of a skeleton is also a strength; you can’t break this toy. It’s 100% bouncy TPR. No metal.


    Ease of use 4/5.

    Cleaning is more straightforward than most dolls, but you still must clean it as if it was a TPE doll. Texture tunnels can hold water and fluid, so flush and shake! It should fit more people. #tunnels

    Sex 5/5

    Grace is a wonder of sex toy engineering. This is the most real doll sex with the smallest package. If you want to simulate realistic sex without a full doll, this is the smallest but also the most cost-efficient and lightest I can find. If you are the type of person that tried to put their Fleshlight in a pillow to make it feel realer, this toy was made for you. The flat surface on top makes an excellent area to grab to push the toy into you. The lightest and lack of other limbs simplify all the positions and angles. It’s like having a partner who always knows how to balance and move however you want.

    Looks 5/5

    It looks better than the pictures.If you want “nice” or realistic,” you will be wowed. But it doesn’t pose (no skeleton) . And the Vulva and the Vagina are nicely shaped. It looks real. I spend a lot of time just looking at the detail, marvelling. Wow.

    Discreteness 5/5

    Compact-Fits inside of a pillowcase. It makes a nice pillow! It feels lighter than a bag of rice. But also 1/5 – It is a butt.

    I want to thank SDT for their innovation and for letting me review this fantastic toy. It is improved and simplified by a doll’s sex life! SDT’s site pictures are accurate and not photoshopped. So go there. But here are a few pictures comparing grace t o a PlayStation controller a doll cleaning enema and a full-sized Fleshlight. (makeup has washed off)

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    • Hi dear,

      We really appreciate our repeat customers and the time you took to write such a great review!

      We have spent a lot of time developing Grace. I can confidently say that Grace is the absolute pinnacle of perfection in ass torso!:)

      Best Regards,
      SDT Customer Service Team

  5. This doll is great! It’s a nice size and weight. Super easy to hide, store and clean

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  6. Satisfied!

    Jennifer is a sexy lady, with a giant round bottom! SDT Jennifer is well crafted, detailed, sexy ass doll.
    The doll is 55lbs, this adds to it’s realism when in use. The tunnels are seriously intense and stimulating.
    The cleaning kit is definitely recommend.

    I recommend this if you’re strong enough and love ass like me. 😎

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  7. Kelly doll is realistic, the look, feel, and experience is almost as good as the real thing. A great buy and way better than inflatable dolls.

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  8. It didn’t take long to get it. Perfect size and weight. Definitely worth every penny.

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  9. I am so glad I bought this. Enjoy it way more then I thought I would. Very great I would recommend it .

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  10. Very skeptical at first, but after the unboxing and our first night together…I was hooked. Perfect shape and design. The weight is surprising. LHP perfect that doggy easy. Closest thing you can get to real life. I have to say Grace has been an absolutely amazing person

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