At we offer a variety of products ranging from light handheld devices like Emma to life-sized 1 to 1 scale hands doll torsos like Salma and Alexandra. Since we have such a variety of options we thought we write this series to help you make your decision-making easier. A bit about me, I have been on a journey of sexual experimentation looking for the ideal masturbator. So far I have owned fleshlights, onaholes, 30lb torsos,70lb torsos, 90 pound and torsos. While I have my preferences, I have learned that there is no perfect piece, just perfect tools for specific situations. In this series I will go over some of the things that I wish understood before I started buying sex toys. If I knew what I know now I would have saved a lot of money AND time.

The first topic that needs to be discussed is weight. From what I have seen, the marketing around these products focuses mostly on looks and features but these factors are not as important as weight. At the end of the day these toys are physical objects that you have to move with your body so weight is the most important factor.

Here are 8 ways that weight affects your experience

  1. Lighter is easier to manage – When moving the doll from place to place (storage, cleaning and change of scenery)
  2. Lighter is easier to hide. (if you need to hide it)
  3. Your ability to manipulate the toy changing positions is affected by its weight.
  4. Your ability to go hands-free = Heavy toys can stay in place during sex, lighter toys, cant.
  5. More Weight = More Cushion for the pushing!
  6. More Weight = More cuddle!
  7. Visual Realism. Lighter dolls are “scaled” down to keep the sexy proportions while keeping the weight down. Some people like this, but some people think these types look too small.
  8. Sexual Realism – Heavier feel more realistic for missionary and doggy style because they don’t move around during use. They also can “bounce back” and jiggle better.

Now that we have our classes lets also create a set of questions to guide our discussion.

The Weighty Questions Categories

Practical questions

  1. Where do you want to use it? (Try to think about the spatial requirements of where you want to use it.
  2. What is your current Living situation ? Will you want to hide it?
  3. Will you be using it alone?

Fun and Fantasy Questions

  1. How would you like to interact with it from a weight stand point?
  2. Which body parts are you looking to play with?
  3. Hands free?
  4. Which sexual positions do you want to use with the toy? For example, if doggystyle is your thing, you are probably going to want to be hands free and find something with some jiggle. (Jiggle equals weight) If its mostly oral, then weight isnt so important
  5. Will you want to use it only for sexual release? Or do you also want touch and cuddle? Why? More Cuddle Touch = More weight
  6. How much realism are you going for?

Responsible questions

  1. How is your health? How is your back?
  2. How heavy is your budget ? You will find that weight is the biggest factor in price because price is a combination of the material costs, sculpting time shipping costs.

For sake of simplicity, lets divide the products we have into …

4 weight classes

Class 1 – Super Light Weight (Male Masturbators)

Assumed Company goal – “Let’s make a sexy handheld masturbator that feels like a vagina, or anus or mouth.”


  • Handhelds male masturbators
  • Onaholes
  • Tenga Eggs
  • Free version – Your hand
  • Female Equivalent would be a dildo or vibrator



– Easy manage

– easy to hide

– you get the Vagina/Anal Tunnel experience in your hand!


– No cuddles

– Sexual positions lack realism

Class 2 Lightweight torso (“realistic” Male Masturbators)

Assumed Company goal – “let’s make a toy that has multiple functions or perfectly recreates a single sexual experience. You might also get a good single body part and a tunnel. Companies here try to meet multiple needs. You can get a lot of 2 in 1s here.”


  • Scaled-down torsos, (Jessica)
  • Small dolls (Weight 20-40 lbs)
  • Hip/ass toys (Kelly, Minaj)
  • DIY version – Pillow?


– Multiple uses

– you get the Vagina/Anal Tunnel experience in a hip!

– Some cuddles


– might want more cuddle or weight

– scaling can turn off some.

– Manageable

– Hidable

– Finding clothes for scaled-down dolls is harder.

Class 3 Middleweight ( Sex Doll Torso)

These are full-sized (torso, hips, boobs, thigh), have moving skeletons

(I am saying above 35 pounds and below 60 pounds is a middleweight).

Assumed Company goal – “let’s make a sex doll torso, that is lightweight but also has all of the sexy features of a sex doll.”


  • Megan
  • Margot
  • DIY version (very hard to reproduce this!)
  • Scaled full doll (but torso will be smaller than a full adult)


– Realistic Sex

– Good Cuddling

– Easy to use manageable.

– Good to dress up


– Not light it will require some effort to move

– Not small, so it will require closet space if you want to hide it

Class 4 Heavyweight Very Realistic Torso

These are so feature-packed that they weigh as much as some full-sized love dolls with heads and arms!

Assumed Company goal – “Let’s give them the best sexual experience one can have by themselves. Most realistic sex with a doll.” If you want everything that a torso has to offer and you have no issues with weight or privacy and you want to cuddle these are what you want.



– Realistic sex

– Great cuddle

– Easy to dress up


– Harder to hide

– Requires intention to move.

Let’s do some hypothetical case studies (examples)

Person 1 – wants to buy a torso to meet touch needs but their health makes lifting things hard. Let’s run them through the questions.

Practical answers

– They plan on using it alone, in the bedroom in a sex-positive home. (no hiding)

Fun and Fantasy answers

– they want to cuddle too

– they LOVE big butts (they cannot lie)

Responsible answers

– Health issues mean moving heavy objects is a challenge

– No budget issues

I would recommend …. Middle-sized torso (with accessible cleaning options)

– Since hiding it is not an issue, they can clean it in bed! (with a bedpan and the care kit)

– they can choose between Megan or Margot (light but full-sized)

Person 2 – still lives with family

Practical answers

– Busy house/ doesn’t want people to see it

Fun and Fantasy answers

– Also loves butts (person 2 doesn’t lie either)

Responsible answers

– No health issues

– Budget issues! cant go over 300!


– Kelly

– Minaj

Person 3 – looking for a threesome but doesn’t want to find a “unicorn”

Practical answers

– Couple! No need to hide, use it together move it together

Fun answers

– The couple wants to try a threesome but doesn’t want a full doll

Recommendation – Here this couple can freely choose which torso they are most attracted to.

– Alexandra

– Salma

– Margot

– Megan


I think you can see the way we use weight to narrow down our options. After we have the weight class selected we decide what is best for our tastes.

Thank you for your time!

The next blog will discuss the different features of sex torsos and dolls.