Presents – Max’s Doll Blog Episode 2 – Sex Dolls vs Sex Torsos – Which Is Better For You?


This is the conversation that I wish I had with someone when I was first trying to decide what type of love doll I should buy.

Every doll can be someone’s special doll but if you select the wrong doll for yourself might get turned off and miss out on the benefits of doll play.

Maybe you are asking…… What is the wrong doll?

When I say the wrong doll, I mean the wrong doll for you at the moment. Wrong doll for your expectations and needs. I have tried many different types of dolls and I wrote this to help you save money and time by giving you the pros and cons of each type of doll so that you make the right choice the first time.

I will…

  1. Discuss what both have in common,
  2. Go over some of the key differences
  3. Give four reasons why you would be better with a Torso, and 4 reasons why you would be better with a full doll.

Simple Definitions

  1. Full doll = All parts. Head, body, legs, arms, hands, feet. Everything.
  2. Doll torso = Like the ones SDT sells. Full sex doll minus, head, arms, calves, feet.

Similarities Between Love Torsos and Love Dolls.

1. Same – Materials!

Both full dolls and torsos use the same materials and are often made in the same factories. Brands/Factories use different blends so there is variation between brands, but generally, doll torsos and full dolls are identical. TPE, TPR, Silicone, Stainless steel. Posable Joints, etc. So on a physical/manufacturing level, I consider Full dolls and Doll torsos Identical.

I consider both identical, albeit with different shapes and parts. This similarity extends to point.

2. Same – Touch benefits

Since they use the same materials, all can offer similar touch benefits. If you are looking for good touch. Both have it. (this is good news). Now every brand might have a different doll flesh formula, but generally speaking, a TPE torso will feel like a TPE doll, and a TPR doll will feel like a TPR full doll. And silicone, and silicone.

Sidenote You ask – Question what about SDT’s TPR formula? I find SDT’s TPR formula to be soft but very “bouncy” so when you thrust, the doll will thrust back. It makes sex with the torsos very lively compared to other brands.

3. Same – Shape/Artistry

Doll Torso are often based on full dolls. So from a shape aspect, they are also comparable.

The same artists and designers design both.

As a rule of thumb, I have found most dolls look more beautiful in real life. And there is something about the actual artistry of a doll sculpture that pictures don’t capture.

There are dolls for most preferences. SDT has a very wide variety for example.

4. Same – Sexual Experience

I can report that the actual physical experience between dolls and torsos are very similar. The differences are more a matter of size, weight, and material (more on this later).

5. Same Cleaning Method

The same cleaning logic applies to both with the keys to cleaning being 1) Flush 2) Clean 3) Dry

Differences Between Doll Torso and Full Dolls

1. Full dolls have heads and faces (obviously!)

Pros of heads

  • Lips to kiss!
  • Eyes to look into!
  • Hair play with
  • Heads can add to the immersion when you are looking to have companionship with your doll.
  • Great for Photography
  • Oral sex is possible.

Cons of heads (Uncanny Valley)

  • Eyes don’t move or blink. (that can make people feel comfortable)
  • It can be a challenge to set the eyes in a way that looks natural.
  • Oral sex is very overrated. Tongues don’t move, eyes pop out…. It doesn’t look good. Kills the immersion for me. I don’t do it.
  • Hair gets messy, good wigs are expensive, cheap wigs are…. Cheap.

2. Full dolls arms and legs


  • Very good for non-sexual positioning
  • Hugs with arms!
  • Standing!


  • Getting Poked by broken fingers. (fingers break quickly, and they can stab you at night)
Full Dolls Broken Fingers
  • Full dolls are heavier
  • More to manage and clean. More time-consuming.
  • “Standing screws” inside the doll’s feet can ruin the feet and can also stab you!
  • More space
  • Arms and legs get loose over time.

3. Torsos are simpler and require less time.


  • Safer
  • Easier to use
  • No beauty skills required


  • Less to customize if you have an ideal fantasy person you want to create you won’t be able to have as much choice as a full doll.
  • Beauty/artistic skills are not required- if you want to do makeup or pick outfits for your Torso, you can but there are fewer chances to play in that way.
  • Maybe you want to give your doll a lot of your time.

4. Price-Torsos are always cheaper.

Here is why

Part of all doll cost/price is based on shipping costs… which means weight. Less doll. Less weight. Since they do not require as much makeup. (Nipples and genitals are painted) Torsos are simpler to make, not requiring as much time from makeup artists and also reducing the price. So if you are most interested in dolls as sex toys, torsos are the most cost-effective.

Dolls are for you if.

1. If you want a companion for your home.

Full dolls can take more positions for example. Standing, or funny pictures, its easier to role play with them.

Imagination – If you have a fictional or fantasy character you want to create in the flesh, full dolls provide more customizable options. (Does this make the sex better?) No. Not for your body. But full dolls can do more for the mental aspects of sex. So if you are thinking about dolls as a part of your mental sexual experience, full dolls can push more buttons. * but the torso can also trigger the imagination.

* Torsos make for a very good bed and couch companions, But full dolls can stand beside you. And that feels different.

2. If you are excited about caring for your doll.

Dolls are pleasurable in two very different ways.

The first way is what a doll can give to you, whether it is sex, touch, company, or a chance to act out your fantasies. This is how dolls are mostly marketed.

But there is a second less discussed aspect of doll joy, and this is the pleasure that you get from giving. And I don’t mean sex, I mean doll maintenance! Dressing, cleaning oiling. I was surprised as to how much joy I get from taking care of and giving to my dolls.

* This is still a positive for torsos too but since dolls are more work, it allows for more care.

3. Full dolls make for a better “muse”

What is a muse? A muse inspires creativity. With the inspiration of my dolls, I now found myself considering fashion, makeup, and beauty in ways I never have before. I dress my dolls up differently depending on how I feel, and how they feel!

My dolls make me want to give them personalities that they express through their clothes.

* Again This can also be done with torsos, but there are more possibilities with a full doll.

Torsos are for you if…

1. You are looking for the most realistic sex toy

If you are mostly interested in sex with a doll, then a torso is for you. For example, if you are looking for a sexy body to have a safe drama free threesome with your partner

Or do you want physical immersion for VR… etc. (I will get more in-depth with this in a later blog)

2. You want to save money

Torsos are the cheapest way to get the best sex doll. You don’t lose anything sexually from going the torso route.

ALSO! if the budget is your main concern, I wouldn’t recommend a doll to you because it is a more expensive habit. there are hidden costs

  • Custom additional features
  • Additional care products… (makeup brushes, eyelashes, shoes, etc)

3. If you want to keep the weight down but still have a bigger-sized doll.

Torsos are interesting because they are around 2/3 of the weight of a doll with comparable measurements. For example, let’s compare SDT’s biggest torso to a famous doll.

SDT’s Alexandria163cm doll
Bust: 106.48cm (41.92″)Bust: 96cm (37.80″)
Waist: 76.63cm (30.17″)
Hip Circumference: 115.90cm (45.63″)
SDT's Biggest Torso
Waist: 67.5cm ( 26.6″ ) 
Hip: 113cm ( 44.5″ ) 
Weight: 40.68 kg (89.69 lbs)Weight: 50 kg (110.23lbs)

Alexandria is bigger and weighs LESS! Why is this a big deal? Weight plays a major factor in the “feel of a doll” (it is center of gravity has an impact is the way the doll jiggles and rocks during sex). Shape aside, a 100+ pound doll feels and responds very differently than a 50-pound doll even if they had the same measurements, and it is not just about the weight but the distribution of TPE. Even when dolls are “weight reduced” this can have drawbacks because foam cores replace some of the “TPE jiggles” so which also changes the feel. Torsos reduce weight by not having the parts that don’t directly affect sex. Less weight, no cores needed.

The heavier the doll the more energy it requires to simply position and moves the doll, (which can detract from the hotness of the moment)

So if you have a weight limit, you won’t be able to get a full-size doll that will feel realistic without risking your health. But you can find a full-sized torso for around 50 pounds easily. (link to Hendricks and Megan)

Doll Privacy

I think that torsos are more private only because they take up less space. This makes them easier to store or hide. So if you want to have a sex doll but you need to hide it, a torso might be better. I don’t hide my doll or my torsos, but if you need to, torsos are easier.


I hope you enjoyed this conversation about the practical differences between Love Torsos and Love dolls. I tried to write this in such a way as to show the benefits of both. But I hope this helps you make a decision that will bring more love and joy into your world!

Maximum Respect,