Fast Shipping: Free shipping (USA only). Our default mode of express delivery is 4-7 working days. If your recipient’s address is in US, we will shipping the doll from our US warehouse.

Except for we can ship to USA, We also can ship the doll to other countries, but we will charge an additional shipping cost which will be calculated and appear in the cart automatically. Shipping costs may vary for different countries.

Current the countries we can ship to include the following:

France, Australia, Canada, Norway, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Greece, Austria, Mexico.

Tips: If your address is not within range of the delivery ranges, you can also try to contact us through email: We will do our best to help you!

Complete process of order delivery

1. Once you have paid the order, you will immediately receive an order confirmation email from us informing you that your order has been successfully placed, and the email content will list the details of the product you ordered.

2. Then we will process all your orders within 1-2 working days (weekends and holidays are not regarded as working days). If you realize that you need to change the delivery address during the order processing period, please contact us immediately. That’s because we will not be able to change the address once the goods are delivered. Contact customer service immediately (or email to!

3. After the order is processed, we will send your goods immediately. You will receive an e-mail notification that the goods have been delivered as soon as we deliver the goods. The e-mail will have a link to track the logistics and transportation status. You won’t need to log in any account. You will just have to click to open the logistics tracking link to easily track the latest transportation status of your goods. You can track your package at any time and contact the courier to arrange the appropriate delivery date.

4. Our courier will contact you by phone before they are ready to deliver the goods for you. This is to ensure that you can sign for express delivery at home. Therefore, you should leave the correct phone number when placing an order on our website. That’s because we need to provide it to the courier, who will contact you in advance before delivery. If you need to go out at the time of delivery, you can arrange another delivery time with the courier.

Total delivery time:

United States

Total Delivery Time = Processing Time(1-2 weekdays) + Shipping Time(4-7 weekdays).

Canada, Mexico

Total Delivery Time = Processing Time(1-2 weekdays) + Shipping Time(10-15 weekdays).

France, Australia, Norway, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Greece, Austria

Total Delivery Time = Processing Time(1-2 weekdays) + Shipping Time(10-25 weekdays).

Our Main Shipping Methods: FedEx, DHL, USPS, UPS and so on.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about logistics transportation.