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Alexandra: (89.69LB) Full-sized, Bouncy Shapely Big Butt Sex Doll With Large Gel Breasts

$999.00 $899.00
40 reviews

Salma: (69.26LB) Life-Sized And Realistic Sex Doll Torso With Huge Breasts

$888.00 $799.00
43 reviews

Hendricks: (57.32LB) Big Boobs and Juicy Ass Life Size Sex Torso With Slim Figure

$619.00 $569.00
13 reviews

Megan: (50.83LB) Big Ass Sex Doll Torso Huge Tit Realistic TPE Adult Sex Dolls With Bendable Spine

$554.00 $499.00
36 reviews
Jennifer ass

Fair, Wheat

Jennifer: (55.11LB) Big Ass Doggy Style Sex Doll Hip Male Masturbator

$577.00 $549.00
21 reviews

Olsen: (43LB) 1:1 Life-Sized Female Figure Sex Doll with Most Realistic Pussy

$422.00 $379.00
12 reviews

Margot: (40.80LB) Realistic Sex Doll Torso With Perky Breasts & Double Channels

$429.00 $399.00
36 reviews

Kate: (38LB) Electric Hip Torso Life-sized Big Ass Sex Doll Best Male Masturbator

$399.00 $359.00
8 reviews

Chloe: (23LB) Realistic Automatic Hip Torso With Sucking & Vibration Life Size Ass

$321.00 $289.00
4 reviews
Vida ass torso

Fair, Wheat

Vida: (19.40LB) Foam Core Hip Torso Weight Reduction Perfect For Doggy Style

$254.00 $229.00
3 reviews

Shailene: (20.28LB) Curvy Lightweight 55cm Sex Doll Torso

$217.00 $195.00
40 reviews

Scarlett: (24.26LB) Perfect Life Size Ass Torso Realistic Hip Masturbator

$259.00 $219.00
8 reviews

Jessica: (15.43LB) Beautiful Lightweight Sex Torso With Realistic Tunnel

$199.00 $179.00
34 reviews

Fair, Wheat

Minaj: (25.35LB) Thick, Plump and Juicy Plump Realistic Sex Torso

$262.00 $239.00
18 reviews

Blake: (17.90LB) Cute Butt Dimples Torso Realistic Sex Doll Bums

$209.00 $188.00
2 reviews

Kelly: (13.44LB) Realistic Sex Doll Hip Masturbator

$159.00 $143.00
11 reviews