Make Video & Get Reward

Welcome to the SexDollTorso product video review family!

SexDollTorso has always been an underestimated high-end brand. In order to let everyone know more about our sex doll torso products, now we building an video sharing program which only customers who have ordered SexDollTorso products are eligible to participate in the program. We refused to getting positive comments with free gifts or payment, which is dishonest and even a fraudulent consumer behavior. So please don’t send email to us that you can doing positive feedback if we give a free sex doll or paid you.

Although we do work with influencers on YouTube, when we work with them, we will repeatedly emphasize that they only need to record high-definition video reviews for us, and not to promote in an exaggerated way that will mislead customers. It is enough to just show the features and characteristics of our product in a true and clear manner. In fact, Influencers have very professional video-shooting experiences that can better present every detail of our products, and they will introduce our products to their large fanbase which help to quickly let more people know about us. This is the fundamental reason why we want to work with influencers.

Compared to the product video reviews of influencers, we care more about the reviews of customers who have purchased our products. Here, in order to say thanks for your busy schedule to make a video review for our product, we will provide cash rewards!


After receiving our product, record an HD video and review our sex doll. The video playback time shall be at least 3 minutes. If you wish to record a video tutorial with our sex doll, the video content also needs to be related to SexDollTorso sex doll.

We understand that you may not want to show your face in the video because of the particularity of the product. We can accept it. However, we hope that the video will basically cover the following two points:

1. Unboxing: talk about your thoughts on our package.

2. Detail display: touch our sex doll and pat her body, so that the viewer can sense the feel of our sex doll and clearly show other details of our sex doll.

Besides the aforementioned two most basic points that need to be covered in the video, if you have other views that you wish to express, feel free to demonstrate them. We will increase the reward amount according to the excellence of your video content. Your efforts will be rewarded accordingly. This is a variable bonus item.

Check example video below

The following are the requirements for video format:

YoutubeHD1920*1080/rectangle≥3 minutes1. Video subject includes “Sex Doll Torso”
2. Site address should be listed on the top of video description box
InstagramHD800*800/square15-30 seconds1. Tag sexdolltorsos on Instagram
2. Site address should be listed on the top of video description

How much bonus can you get?

  1. You don’t need to upload video to any video platform, just send it to us and you will get $10.
  2. Upload to other video platforms and get $15.
  3. Post the video on your YouTube channel and get $20.

Tips: if you upload the video, please remember to write the link address of our products in the video description box you upload.

Ready? Send your video for us now!

    Other reward options

    In addition to sharing video reviews with SexDollTorso to get bonuses, we also accept sharing of high-definition pictures for cash rewards.

    1. When you receive our products, take at least 3 high-definition photos and send them to us to get $3.
    2. If you upload these photos to your instagram and @ sexdolltorsos and leave our website product link address, you will get $5.

    Additional rules

    1. Your video publishing page is public (we can’t verify the content set as a private page).
    2. Video or pictures must be in HD.
    3. Once your video or picture is accepted by us, we have the right to reuse your content for marketing purposes.