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It is a human torso made of TPE, with no head and feet. It usually has a small size and a light weight, which make it easier to be stored than full size sex doll. It has elastic skin close to the real human body. Having sex with it will bring you the most authentic sexual experience!


Fair, Wheat

Alexandra: (89.69LB) Full-sized, Bouncy Shapely Big Butt Sex Doll With Large Gel Breasts

47 reviews

Fair, Wheat

Salma: (69.26LB) Life-Sized And Realistic Sex Doll Torso With Huge Breasts

46 reviews

Hendricks: (57.32LB) Big Boobs and Juicy Ass Life Size Sex Torso With Slim Figure

16 reviews

Olsen: (43LB) 1:1 Life-Sized Female Figure Sex Doll with Most Realistic Pussy

15 reviews

Margot: (40.80LB) Realistic Sex Doll Torso With Perky Breasts & Double Channels

39 reviews

Shailene: (20.28LB) Curvy Lightweight 55cm Sex Doll Torso

47 reviews

Jessica: (15.43LB) Beautiful Lightweight Sex Torso With Realistic Tunnel

36 reviews

Gal: (9.45LB) Portable Big Boobs With Butt Male Masturbator

29 reviews

Keyes: (17.20LB) Threesome Male Torso Sex Doll Strong and Athletic Physique

4 reviews

Emma: (5.01LB) Lightweight Male Masturbator

23 reviews

Cox: (16.09LB) Shemale Torso Trans Sex Doll With Lifelike Penis and Breast

3 reviews


It has the appearance of a mature woman’s big sexy butt, you can try multiple positions with it, such as doggy style, wheelbarrow, magic mountain. It providing a dual sexual experience of vaginal and anal sex. It is made of soft and highly elastic TPE material, it can shake like a real woman’s ass. You can grab or slap the bad girl’s fat butt to feel fleshy and sexy, this is a real experience that the traditional Onahole male masturbation device cannot achieve.

Jennifer ass

Fair, Wheat

Jennifer: (55.11LB) Big Ass Doggy Style Sex Doll Hip Male Masturbator

36 reviews

Grace: (32LB) Realistic Big Ass Torso Life-sized Hip Sex Doll

4 reviews

Kate: (38LB) Electric Hip Torso Life-sized Big Ass Sex Doll Best Male Masturbator

11 reviews

Chloe: (23LB) Realistic Automatic Hip Torso With Sucking & Vibration Life Size Ass

6 reviews

Natalie: (42LB) Lifelike Hip Torso Sex Doll With Flexible Long Legs

2 reviews

Scarlett: (24.26LB) Perfect Life Size Ass Torso Realistic Hip Masturbator

10 reviews

Fair, Wheat

Minaj: (25.35LB) Thick, Plump and Juicy Plump Realistic Sex Torso

19 reviews

Kelly: (13.44LB) Realistic Sex Doll Hip Masturbator

13 reviews


Why Choose Us?

Our positioning is high-end products. If you still only care about the price and ignore the quality of the product and the authenticity of the sexual experience, and want to buy very low-end sex doll torso, then, unfortunately, you won’t find such products on our website. We will not waver in our original intention of providing customers with the most realistic high-end sex doll torso because of the nasty low price competition.

High end raw materials

The majority of the sex doll in the market are made of ordinary TPE materials, and our products are made of high-end TPE materials. Many of our old customers have been surprised that they had never been exposed to such high-quality sex doll before they have used our products. Little oil output and no unpleasant odor are the greatest advantages of our products, which can not be surpassed by similar products. Secondly, it feels soft and elastic. The skin of the doll imitates the texture of authentic human skin. Since we have used high-end raw materials, the service life can be as long as 6-10 years if you ordinarily provide it with reasonable care.

Fast logistics transportation

Our logistics transportation time is 4-7 days. We currently have our own large warehouse in the United States, and the inventory is very sufficient. Moreover, we respect the privacy of our customers and adopt very strict packaging. The express box doesn’t have any words of adult products. It looks like an ordinary express delivery.

Perfect after-sales service

We support a 30-day refund without providing any reason. We always strive to provide customers with 100% satisfaction guarantee products.