The following are comments from our customers on Hendricks:

Hello everyone. I have here the latest update on my first torso doll. Hendricks from SexDollTorso.

She never travelled before which is why she got lost and it was a bit of a hassle to finally find her. She got an unexpected layover. She was very brave for taking on this journey all by herself, and I am very happy to be able to assist her to come to the great US of A , and to my house lol. I sponsored her to be able to come to here to visit. She is only 19 years old but she says she wanted to travel and make someone very happy. So here she finally is



the box is discreet. There was not much padding as I have seen some of the full size dolls unboxings. SEXDOLLTORSO just places the torso in the box and it has that white cushi foams around the walls of the box and that’s it. There no padding filling the gaps between the doll and the walls . She is just bouncing around in there.



As I lifted the box, she did not feel as heavy as I thought. That is untill I finally was picking her up out of the box. Most of her weight is on her hips and perfectly shaped round butt. As I wrapped my arm around her tiny unrealistic waist 🤤. I lifted her up with one arm. Before I removed all the protective bags I just kept on looking at her and just moving her around. I also placed her on top of me as I lay in bed to see how the weight felt. It is manageable and I liked the feeling. She does not struggle and I didn’t have a hard time almost as if the doll worked with me to get her were I wanted her.


Body, and proportions:

She is about 2.7 ft long which she must roughly be about 5’2sh or so if she wa a full size 🤔. To me that is perfect since I stand at 5’5” So when I had her body just on top of mine like seated on my lap, her nice plump boobs were just pressing against my face. So I liked that. I wanted her size to just be as realistic so that I had no issue to just feel her without having to move her too much. Her waist is so slim, 😍😍😍. I love petite bodies. Not skinny. Small tiny waist, small tiny arms with a delicate back and shoulders. But with a figure. I am not much of a boob guy but it definitely the bigger the better, like the WM 166 C (perfect sculpt 🤤) as long as the boobs don’t go crazy out of proportion. But back to my SexDollTorso Hendricks. I could wrap my fingers around her waist and I could almost touch my finger tips. Which is unrealistic but I don’t mind it. That is the only part of the body that I don’t mind just being super tiny. It looks good and it’s just perfect for girls to just always look sexy with tiny waist. Her butt is nice and round. I am more of an ass guy, and I like nice round butts on my girls. So I give her body dimensions/proportions



This is soft TPE. In the sexdolltorso website is described as HIGH-END TPE. I could smell the tpe out the box but I honestly don’t mind it. I am sure that with some female body wash and clothing her with some garments and adding some body spray from Victoria secret, will easily hide the tpe smell. Her boobs and ass feel great. Her boobs are nice and firm, and squishy. They have a very nice bounce and her butt is nice round and toned.


Body movement:

Her articulations are stiff but being a torso doll, with very few articulations, is not much of an issue because once you get her in position then is a go from there. She can arch her back so nicely and it gives her that very sexy look and feel. I remember the first time I saw the PIPEDREAM EXTREME Fuck Me Silly 3 mega masturbator years ago. I liked it because that is one of my favorite positions. Just lay her flat and go from the back and see the ass just being pounded. With this doll is way better because you get to see the upper body just laying there. I give the movement articulations 10, it does exactly what it needs, to get the appropriate positions.



She did exactly how I wanted her to do. She did fantastic. I could not contain myself, and I popped her cherry. She was happy , I was happy. Love hole placement is very good. As soon as I took her out of the box and done taking some unboxing pics, I took her to the shower and gave her a nice wash all over and I lost it . She just kept teasing me as I got her cleaned up. So as soon as I dried her and myself I just threw her in bed and gave her a nice welcome home . He vagina is fixed, I tried using a condom but It ripped, guess I didn’t lubed her up enough. Both holes are nice and they have a very textured orifices. But I wish it was a little bit tighter. But it is definetly not an issue.


Final thoughts:

SEXDOLLTORSO Hendricks is my very first realistic size doll, so I don’t have anything to compare her to. I made my decision based on the looks, but more importantly based on the performance. Now after having her, I am happy with my decision and couldn’t be happier. This works perfect as a first time doll. I honestly think that arms and a head would go a long way but for the price difference I think I am ok having the headless armless torso doll with longer legs, for sex only, and because of the PRICE TAG. A full size doll you have to dress her to get her looking good. I recommend this to any beginner any experienced doll owners.

This a very well made torso doll. This vendor does a very good quality doll and it will not disappoint.

Thank you for reading and I hope my review will help someone out as much as the reviews I read that helped me make a decision.