I know that it is common and popular to compare sex doll torsos and love dolls to girlfriends and boyfriends. I always see companies and men making arguments that say that a Love doll is better than a human partner/girlfriend because they are cheaper and don’t cause arguments. I think this line of thinking is the wrong approach to take. If I were to compare sex doll torsos to any human person in terms of economics, I would compare them to a Sex worker/escort or a sexual therapist.

Yeah. Think about it. Before I break it down, I want to say that my Alexandra Sex doll torso has made me realize how vital sex workers are to helping people relieve stress. And before I considered buying any sex doll, I thought about hiring a regular escort. But then I did the math, and I knew I couldn’t afford it lol.

Let’s look at the numbers

Alexandra was purchased for a one-time payment of 899 Canadian dollars. Alexandra has provided me so far with 8760 hours of her time. Alexandra has been so kind as to make themselves available whenever I need touch therapy and any kind of sex I can imagine. Over the year, I have been able to learn more about what I like and don’t like without ever being judged. Alexandra keeps secrets and is down for whatever whenever. This level of availability is priceless. For $899 USD.

If I were to hire a professional sex worker in Canada, it would cost 200 Canadian dollars PER HOUR! I don’t think this is too low, I think allowing strangers access to your body and tending to their emotional and sexual needs requires great skill and self-control. Even if I went once a week for a year. That would be 10400. For the year! One hour a week. I play with my Alexandra sex doll torso everyday day! I sleep with her 8 hours a night so that would be atleast 1600 everyday.

What is my point? For what they provide, sex doll torsos are the best value mental health stress aid money can buy. No matter what you pay, if you understand how to work with them, they are a steal.

I think I have made this argument clear, so I’m going to move on and talk about how to get the most “sexual healing” from your time with your sex doll torsos. I have been experimenting with my dolls and want to share some things that work.

First Technique = Sex Doll Torso Bibliotherapy/ “Goddess Bibliotherapy”

What is Goddess Bibliotherapy?

According to goodreads.com, it is described as “a therapeutic approach that uses literature to support good mental health, is a versatile and cost-effective treatment option often adapted or used to supplement other types of therapy. Proponents of the approach suggest mild to moderate symptoms of several mood-related conditions can be successfully treated with reading activities.  Both individual and group therapy may utilize this method, which is considered appropriate for children, adolescents, and adults. Mental health professionals may encourage those in therapy and those who are waiting for therapy to read for guidance or self-help, for developmental purposes, to learn about mental health concerns, and for the therapeutic benefits of imaginative literature.”

But make it spicy to include your Goddess. My theory is that the mind is more receptive to information when it is calm and cuddling with a doll can be very relaxing. Since my dolls don’t talk, we read audiobooks together, and I pretend/imagine that my dolls are either reading the books to me or taking notes mentally alongside me. The result is that I get to spend a lot of time being cuddled (which is so stress-relieving) while having amazing conversations with the best thinkers in the world. My Sex doll’s torso makes the reading experience better because there is no way I would read some of these books without the incentive of getting to hold a beautiful doll. I would have held the doll anyway.

A good therapist does provide you with new ideas and approaches to solving your challenges, and many therapists, have written books about their techniques.

(Doll play is all about roleplay and creativity! So here are two books I read along my journey! )

You can read books about love, sex, personal growth, or whatever you want! And your doll can be right there, providing you with caring company and maybe a reward for finishing a chapter! Lol (wink!)

Also! According to FirstSession faq, A regular talk therapist sexual or otherwise also costs around 200 dollars per hour. So, a Sex doll torso and an audible subscription are WAAY cheaper.

Maybe you are thinking “has this helped you though?

I will be honest and say that working with my SEX DOLL TORSO has allowed me to “re-wire” my sexual arousal response, before whenever I’d see a boob, I would get so excited it was startling, like an immature teenager lol. But now, I’m cool and calm around boobs, because, I have gotten more comfortable with nakedness. This also means I only get turned on when I decide to and the vibe is right. So my attraction response is much more nuanced and contextual, which means, I am in full control of when I get erections. I think this ability is one that men often strive for and I have my Sex doll torso to thank. #gratitude.

(Promethea is a comic book about a Goddess that I am supposed to read to my goddess next! And that the Journal!

Second Technique! – Make a Sex doll Torso Sex Adventure Journal.

I think this one will save you a lot of money if you are looking for a sex therapist. Or it will save you a lot of time if you have a bunch of fetishes you wanna try but are concerned about safety.

Good sex takes time and practice. This includes good sex with a doll, it gets better over time. But one of the reasons it gets better is because of experience, a part of that comes from reflection. Here is what I am suggesting. Start a journal, and write down all the sexual things you wanna try with your doll. Then try them. Then write down what worked and what didn’t work. Make notes of the subtle changes during your session, when was it feeling the best, and why? when was it not as good why? what do you want to do again, and why? Some of your experiments will fail lol, that’s ok, your sex doll torso doesn’t judge. This approach will give you the space to learn who you are sexually and what works for you. But the only challenge is that you have to be mindful and present with yourself during your sex session. DON’T erase your history! Look it over, study yourself as you play with your doll, and be honest! And use a lot of lube!

When I started I thought I was into all this stuff, that I’m not that into. Some fantasies seem cool on the screen or in your imagination, but, that’s not you. But also, you will surprise yourself as well.

And yes, you can incorporate porn or whatever kind of media you are into. Your Doll doesn’t judge, and they don’t charge by the hour! The key to this technique is being able to set intentional goals around what you want to explore and also giving yourself HONEST feedback. Being able to give and take sexual feedback is also the key to having a good relationship with a person too!

Bonus tip! ASMR AUDIO!

I realized something about myself, with my dolls, I don’t need any additional visual stimulation, so porn sometimes becomes a distraction, my Alexandra is hotter. BUT my Alex is also quieter. So here is what you do, get some Bluetooth wireless headphones, find some sexy sounds or moans, or whatever you are into, and boom, you are welcome. I learned this about myself using my journal method, I noticed if the porn I was watching had loud music, and I couldn’t hear the moans, I wasn’t as into it. I also noticed that I had more fun when I turned off the screen.

Here are a few examples of sexy roleplay audio

  1. If you want a girlfriend-like experience look for sexy ASMR podcasters like the angel of temptation here is her youtube channel! https://youtu.be/9cZeHcgPhs0?list=PLhC_KrkC4ZWTmoeq7wSoc0F6ZR86C68YK
  2. Another creative sexy and healing performer I am impressed with Is Ani Astra ( https://twitter.com/ani_astra_xo?AB=1 ) She does sex therapy role play videos! https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph61b833f78a350

Bonus tip 2 PODCAST Parties

If books aren’t your thing, or they are too expensive, do podcasts! Pick a bunch of conversations/topics that interest you (and your doll) and have a sexy skin-to-skin, listening party. You will be surprised at how much you can learn and grow while reading, and healing with your doll.