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When you are having a frustrating sex life, a sex doll can be the solution to your problem. Now, if you are single and looking to have a brilliant sex life, then you need to find a partner. But, finding the right partner who could make you happy sexually is not that easy.

You will have to make serious efforts to impress a girl and get her in bed with you. Instead, if you get a sex doll, you will not have to do anything like that. Moreover, you will have someone who will be ready to have sex with you whenever you want.

That is why more and more people are looking to get a sex doll now so that they can enjoy sex is a much better way. Now, this is not the case only for singles, but also couples are willing to welcome sex dolls in their bedroom just to spice up things.

Therefore, a sex doll can be the gateway to better sex life. But, it raises a question. Will sex dolls replace women in the future? Sex dolls can give similar pleasure that a woman would give to a man. So, is it possible that men would be more interested in sex dolls than women? Let’s try to find an answer to this question through the discussion in this article.

The Advantages Of Realistic Sex Doll

Having sex with a sex doll is an experience of a lifetime that you want to enjoy time and time again. When you have a sex doll as your sex partner, you will have certain advantages. Let’s see them now.

Go Raw

You will be the only person to have sex with your sex doll. So, there will be no fear of having STDs from your sex doll. Hence, you don’t have to use condoms. If you love to have sex without condoms, then sex dolls will give you great pleasure.

Save Money

When you have a real woman as your partner, you will have to spend so much money on her just to keep her happy. But, a sex doll does not need any pampering. Therefore, you will be saving a lot of money by having a sex doll instead of a real woman as your partner.

No Tantrums

A sex doll will not make your life a living nightmare. However, when you have a girlfriend, she can make your life a living nightmare with her tantrums and nagging attitude. Therefore, if you want a happy life without tantrums, a sex doll can give that to you.

Fulfil Kinks and Fetishes

Every man has some kinks and fetishes that he wants to fulfil. But, a real woman will never allow you to fulfil your kinks and fetishes. You need her permission to do almost everything in bed. But, with a sex doll, you will never need her permission and thus, you can fulfil your kinks and fetishes easily.

Are Sex Dolls Better Than Women?

Yes now know the advantages of using a realistic sex doll for your sexual pleasure. But, is a realistic sex doll better than a woman? For that, you need to think a bit emotionally. There are two aspects of this emotional part. You already know that physical pleasure will be quite similar if you compare having sex with a doll to a real woman.

When you have sex with a doll, you will not have any reaction from her. You will have to do everything on your own. However, when you have sex with a woman, you will hear her moans or she will do many things in bed that will make you go crazy about her.

But, there is another thing that makes sex dolls so very intriguing. Every man wants to dominate women. Even if they deny, deep inside they have dominating nature. So, when they have sex with a real woman, they cannot do everything they want to do with her.

If a man wants to be rough on a woman, he needs her approval. But, with a sex doll, you don’t need any permission. Therefore, you will have a more fulfilling sex life with a sex doll. Now, most men would want to have sex with someone who will allow them to do anything they want.

So, if you consider this one, you will have to admit that having sex with a sex doll is a bit better than having sex with a real woman. You will surely enjoy it.

What Does It Feel Like To Have Sex With Sex Doll?

When you have sex with a sex doll, it will feel like having sex with a real woman. However, you can also say that having sex with a sex doll will feel better than having sex with a real woman. There are some reasons for that. Let’s have a look at them;

  • Appearance:The appearance of a sex doll is much sexier than the appearance of a real woman. You can have that perfect body only with a sex doll.
  • Boobs:Sex dolls also have the squishy boobs just like a real woman. So, pressing those boobs would feel great and you will enjoy licking it as well.
  • Vagina:You will get the feeling that the vagina of a sex doll is gripping your penis. The vagina of a sex doll is made ergonomically to give the best feeling.
  • Anus:You can enjoy anal sex with a sex doll as well. Now, this is something that most women would disapprove of. So, for anal sex lovers, a sex doll is what they need.

Will You Marry a Sex Doll?

Whether you will marry a sex doll or not is your personal choice. It may seem odd but when you have fulfilling sex with a sex doll for some time, you will create an emotional bond with her and this could prompt you to marry her. You will find so many examples of men who married a sex doll. So, if you can create such an emotional bond, you could end up marrying your sex doll. But, the choice is completely yours.

The Bottom Line

Finally, whether sex dolls can replace women or not only time will tell. However, you cannot say that sex dolls can’t replace women. You can already see that having a sex doll is far more advantageous than having a real woman as your partner. So, as the popularity is increasing for sex doll and as newer experiments are going on to make the sex doll more realistic, you cannot nullify the chances of sex dolls replacing real women in bed for most men.

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Yes, purchasing a sex doll torso can be an overwhelming job. Once you have purchased it, now your duty starts. You have to do a lot of work before you finally use it. But, don’t panic because the work might seem overwhelming. However, in reality, it will be a cakewalk for you if you do it properly.

So, the first thing you have to do is unbox and assemble your doll. Even before that, you have to purchase some items that will help you in using the doll properly. Apart from that, you have to dress up your doll and create a romantic mood so that you and your sex doll torso can enjoy fully.

After using the sex doll torso, you will also have to clean and store it properly so that the doll lasts for a very long time. Now, you have to realize that buying a sex doll torso is a considerable investment. So, you would want to use that torso sex doll for a very long time.

How long the doll will last will depend on how you maintain, clean, and store the sex doll torso. So, through this article, you will understand everything you should know about using a sex doll torso. Thus, let’s learn how you can use your newly bought sex doll torso.

Unboxing & Assembling Your Sex Doll Torso (Step by Step)

You sex doll torso has finally arrived at your home. You are very exciting and you just can’t wait to get your hands on your new companion. But, hang on! Before you do anything silly, there is a vital step that you need to follow. You have to unbox and assemble your new torso sex doll appropriately. Wondering how to do it? Follow these steps;

Step 1. Take your package to a place in the house with a large floor place

First of all, you need a good amount of space while unboxing the torso sex doll. The best thing about a torso sex doll is that it is not very heavy and thus, easy to move to any place in your house. But, you need to lay the doll down while unboxing. So, taking the doll to a room with a good amount of floor space is highly advisable.

Step 2. Cut the box along the edges with a sharp knife or cutter

You have to use a sharp knife or a cutter to open the box by cutting along the edges with will have tapes on. The first thing you need to notice is that the cut is not too deep. If you are using a sharp knife, then you don’t have to press it hard and so, the chance of deep cut gets lower. Also, it will be safe for your sex doll if you use any sharp object to cut the edges of the box.

Step 3. Wash hands to avoid smudges on your torso love doll’s skin

As you know, the skin of your gorgeous sex doll is very delicate. The last thing you would want in your doll on the day she arrives at your home is to have smudges on her skin due to the dirt in your hands. So, wash your hands properly before touching the doll.

Step 4. Start unpacking with the head (if the head is available in the torso sex doll)

Many sex doll torsos also have the head. So, if you buy such a sex doll torso, then you have to go through this step of unboxing as well. You will find the head wrapped in foam inside the box. Remove the foam carefully with the help of a scissor. If you see a bag near the head, then you should know it is to store the head. Take that bag out and place it near the box to rest the head after taking it out of the box

Step 5. Bring the accessories out of the box one by one

You will see that in the box of the sex doll, there are many accessories such the wig, clothes, cleaning tools, and much more that come along with the doll. So, you need to take them out one by one. After that, only the doll and the blanket in which it is resting inside the box should be left in the box.

Step 6. Remove the foam from the body of your doll with scissors

After removing the accessories from the box, you will see that you are left with only the doll wrapped inside the foam. Now, you have to take a scissor and carefully remove the foam from the body of the doll avoiding any damage to your doll’s body.

Step 7. Use the blanket to take the doll out from the box safely

Now, it is time to bring the doll out of the box. Remember you need to place the doll on a flat surface (preferably the floor of your room) safely. You will find the doll resting under a blanket inside the box. Use that blanket to lift the doll out of the box and place it on the floor near the box. While doing all these, you have to be very gentle to avoid any unnecessary damage to your doll.

Step 8. Fix the head with the torso of the sex doll and wear her wig, clothes, and other accessories

You have completed the unboxing process. Now, only the assembling of the doll remains. First, you have to fix the head of the doll (if applicable) with the torso. Now, the next step is to attach the accessories such as wig and jewellery to prepare your new companion. But, if you want to use the doll just for sex and nothing else, then you can avoid it. However, if you want to get the highest pleasure of using a torso sex doll, make it wear sexy clothes and jewellery.

Items to purchase before using a sex doll

Before you purchase the sex doll and start using it by following the above process, there are some things you need to have it within your arm’s length before having sex with it. Here are those things which you should purchase before using the torso sex doll.

  • Stain Removers:You doll can have stains from a lot of things such as her clothes, or bedsheet, or any other such things. So, it is important to have stain removers in your arsenal so that you can easily remove those stains.
  • Lubricant:To enjoy the maximum pleasure of using the torso sex doll, you have to use a lube while having sex. It is better to opt for a water-based lube as it is easy to clean and will not have any allergic reaction.
  • Vaginal Irrigator:Each time you use your sex doll torso, you have to clean it properly for hygiene issues. A vaginal irrigator will certainly help in cleaning the orifices of the doll. So, you will be able to use it the next time without any threats to your health.
  • Anti-Bacterial Soap:Another important thing you need to have is the anti-bacterial soap which you will use it while cleaning the doll. It is very important to have an anti-bacterial soap because you want to remove the bacteria from the doll’s body.
  • Renewal Powder:After cleaning the doll, you want her to feel and smell like the way she arrived at your home. For this, you need the renewal powder. It will ensure that your doll’s skin looks glamorous and gorgeous just like the first time.

Dressing up your torso sex doll

You need to prepare your sex doll torso properly so that it looks hot and sexy. Here are some of the things you need to dress up your precious torso love doll;

  • Wig:You need to choose the wig according to the hairstyle and colour you want for the doll. For example, if you like blonde girls, choose a blonde wig for your doll.
  • Clothing:Make sure that the clothes do not create stains on your doll. Choose some kinky clothes and sexy lingerie to have exciting times with the doll.
  • Jewellery:To make your doll look more gorgeous, you need to jewellery as well to her appearance. But, avoid pieces of jewellery with sharp edges to protect the doll.
  • Perfumes:You want your doll to smell well. For that, buy cologne or perfumes and spay it on the doll’s clothes. In this way, the alcohol in the perfume cannot damage the doll.

Creating a romantic mood

If you want to use your sex doll and achieve maximum pleasure, then you have to create a romantic mood. For that, you can use the dim lights as it creates and erotic feel. Also, any soft romantic music could help you greatly. Moreover, you can look to replicate any romantic scene from your favourite movie with your torso sex doll. All in all, creating a romantic mood will surely give you more pleasure in having sex with your torso sex doll.

Having sex with a sex doll torso

First of all, having sex with a sex doll torso will feel like having sex with a real human being. Here are some of the things you can do while having sex with a gorgeous sex doll torso;

  • Oral Sex:You will not have that suction feel from the doll’s mouth but, some torso sex dolls can emulate the feel of oral sex wonderfully. Be careful while having oral sex because you don’t want to damage the oral cavity of the doll.
  • Vaginal Sex: Your torso sex doll will have a vagina just like a real woman. It is created by using a soft material that emulates precisely the real vagina of a woman. So, you can expect to have the same pleasure of having vaginal sex that you get with a real woman.
  • Anal Sex: You can have anal sex with your love doll. Just like the vagina, the anus is created in a way that it will give the feel of entering the anus of a real woman. It will be tight and the sensations you will have will be fascinating.
  • Use Adequate Lube (Bonus Tip):If you want to have pleasure while using sex dolls, you have to use lube because the dolls will not get wet naturally. So, use adequate lube while penetrating the doll to have the maximum pleasure.

Clean your sex doll torso after using

You have to clean the torso sex doll every time you use it. For that, you have to follow the below-mentioned process;

  • Remove the wig and other accessories from the doll
  • Create a mixture of antibacterial-soap and warm water
  • Spray the mixture over the doll’s body
  • Use vaginal irrigator to clean the orifices using the mixture
  • Spray fresh water to remove the mixture
  • Use a soft towel to pat dry the doll
  • Leave it so that it dries up naturally
  • Apply petroleum jelly to bring the glamour of the doll back
  • Finally, apply some talcum powder to make the doll smell good

Store your sex doll torso after use

Storing your sex doll torso properly after use is very important for its longevity. When it comes to storing the doll, here are the two things that can do;

  • Laying:You can lay your doll down on a flat surface. But, you cannot lay the doll on a hard surface; you need to place it on a cushion or mattress-like surface. However, lying the doll for a long time will damage the as its back might become curved or buttocks become flat. So, laying the doll will not be the bed option.
  • Hanging:Perhaps hanging the torso sex doll is the best way to store it as it will not damage your doll in any way. Also, you can store it inside a shelf or closet easily. Remember different dolls will have different methods of hanging. Still, it is the best way to store the doll if you want to use for a longer time.

The Bottom Line

Finally, now you know how you can use a torso sex doll properly. As you can see, using the torso sex doll is very simple. So, now it is time for you to get one for your pleasure because remember, a happy and pleasurable sex life the gateway to a fulfilling life. And, a torso sex doll is certainly the best way of achieving the highest sexual pleasure in your life.

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You see sex dolls as an attractive form of art which can make you horny very quickly. But, do you know that things were different in the past? Sex dolls that were made in the past were not as good-looking as they are right now. Nowadays, with a sex doll, you get visual and sexual pleasure both. But, back in those days, people had to stay contented with sexual pleasure and that too cannot even come closer to the pleasure you can get now.

The evolution started with silicone sex dolls. For the first time, people started taking interest in sex dolls because they were looking realistic. These silicone sex dolls looked exactly like a real human being and they felt like touching a real human. So, people went crazy about those silicone dolls.

However, as the price of silicone sex dolls is so expensive, the dolls were affordable for a section of people. Otherwise could not afford to have that sexual pleasure with sex dolls. That is why manufacturers of sex dolls started using thermoplastic elastomer or TPE as the material for making sex dolls. What it did was reduce the sex doll’s price significantly so that it becomes affordable for all. Also, it made sex doll more realistic and accessible for all.

Now, if you are looking to buy a sex doll, you might be thinking about which sex doll to go for, silicone or TPE? So, in this article, let’s compare these two sex dolls and see which is ideal for you. We will be comparing these two types of sex dolls systematically so that you get a clear picture of what you need. So, let’s begin.

What is TPE Sex Doll?

TPE is a very soft material. It feels like plastic and rubbery. Sex dolls that are made with this material are known as TPE sex dolls. TPE sex dolls provide you with a realistic feel of touching a human body like no other material.

The material is also very stretchable and as a result, you can have lots of fun with it. So, if you want to have that jiggling breasts in your sex doll just like you would have in a real woman, TPE sex doll is what you need. Also, the price of TPE sex doll is comparatively very low.

Advantages of TPE Material

  • Elastic and soft material which can stretch around 300% of the primary size before it breaks
  • TPE sex dolls are more affordable than its silicone counterpart as the material is cheaper
  • Get the ultra-realistic feel of having sex as the ass and boobs will wobble as you keep thrusting
  • Superb flexibility of the doll enables you to enjoy sex in multiple sex positions

Disadvantages of TPE Material

  • The material is porous which make it very hard to clean and the overall maintenance a bit harder
  • Due to its porousness, the material can have stains easily and more often which is hard to clean
  • Heat can be an issue for TPE as the material is very sensitive to heat and can break down easily

What Does a TPE Sex Doll Feel Like?

Most people want to have a sex doll that will feel exactly like a real human being. Well, when you are buying a TPE sex doll, you can rest assured you will be having a sex doll that will feel exactly like touching a real human being.

As you already know, TPE as a material is very soft and delicate. That is the exact characteristic of women’s skin. Therefore, when you are having a sex doll made with TPE, you will feel like touching a real woman.

Also, her breasts will wobble and you will have a great time squeezing her ass when you get in bed with a TPE doll. However, your overall experience will depend on the type of doll you are looking to have. Overall, TPE sex dolls can give you a more realistic feel in bed.

What is Silicone Sex Doll?

In your house, in one way or the other, you have seen silicone as a material. It might be your mobile phone case or even the spatula you use in the kitchen could be made with silicone. So, you already have an idea of how silicone is as a material.

Silicone has been the preferred material for sex doll manufacturers for many years. Well, silicone as a material can last for many years and if you are looking for longevity in your sex doll, then silicone sex doll is what you need.

Also, it is will not get much affected by heat which makes it much easier to clean and maintain. Meanwhile, if you want to have fun with the doll under the shower, you can do it with silicone dolls. However, before making your mind up, you would also think about the price of the doll as silicone love dolls tend to cost way more than TPE dolls.

Advantages of Silicone Material

  • Feel like rubber when you touch and very soft which is incredible
  • Maintenance is easy as one can sterilize it because the material is heat-resistant
  • The material is non-porous and that ensures maintenance and cleaning to be much easier
  • Use it during hot baths or under the shower and the material is resistant to stains

Disadvantages of Silicone Material

  • The price of silicone love dolls is very expensive which makes it hard to purchase for many
  • For those looking for that squishy feel of the sex doll, you won’t get it with silicone love dolls
  • The material is a bit sticky for many which ruins the realistic feel one wants from a sex doll

What Does a Silicone Sex Doll Feel Like?

It won’t be wrong if you say that silicone as a material had a monopoly over the sex doll manufacturers. People loved using silicone dolls because of some obvious reasons. The material is very soft which makes it feel like touching a real human.

Apart from that, the material is resistant to stain and heat and because of that, you will have so many options as far as the things you can do with a silicone sex doll. You can also take a shower with your sex doll which you cannot do with a TPE doll.

But, yes, TPE dolls are better in terms of squishiness in the doll which makes sex more fun. But, when it comes to the realistic feel of the sex doll, silicone sex doll is way better than any other sex doll. The silicone sex doll’s orifices (ass, vagina, and mouth) will have a much realistic look and you will like it in bed. So, you will be having the value for money with a silicone sex doll.

TPE VS Silicone Sex Dolls – Which One Is Better?

So far, you have read about both TPE and silicone as a material for your sex doll. You have seen their positives and negatives. Now, it is time to decide which material is better over the other. Now, there is no clear cut winner if compare both the materials with each other. So, a wise man would look at his needs and capabilities to choose the type of sex doll he needs. That is why you need to determine which type of sex doll is ideal for your purchase. Here are some factors that will guide you to make the right decision.

What’s your budget?

The budget is very important when it comes to buying sex dolls. So, when you have decided to purchase a sex doll, you should also create a budget for you. Do you want to spend a huge amount of money on a sex doll? Or want a sex doll which is more affordable? If you have the money spend, then you can go for silicone love dolls. Otherwise, a TPE sex doll will be a more affordable option.

Would you like to take hot baths with your doll?

Silicone as a material is resistant to stains and heat, you already know this. But, do you know that you can take your silicone sex doll to a hot bath? Yes, it will make things steamier. Meanwhile, you cannot take hot baths with a TPE doll. TPE is a material which is not resistant to heat or stains. So, you can consider this factor to make the choice if you want to take the sex doll for a hot bath.

How much time are you willing to spend on doll’s maintenance?

For many people, one of the biggest concerns for buying a sex doll is maintenance. Now, if you are buying a TPE sex doll, you might have to be a bit more careful while using. Otherwise, you will have to spend a huge amount of time in maintenance. But, a silicone sex doll will eat up much less of your time when it comes to maintenance.

Are you willing to dry well the holes after using your doll?

After you have ejaculated inside the holes of the sex doll, you need to clean the hole thoroughly. Otherwise, it can create a problem for your health. Now, if you are using a TPE doll, then you have to be more careful while cleaning the holes and drying it properly every time you use the doll. So, do you have time for all these? Ask yourself before buying a TPE doll.

What is most important to you, touch or looks?

TPE sex dolls will provide you with that squishy feel that you would generally have in a real woman. You will want your sex doll’s breasts to wobble just like a real woman’s breast would. But, a silicone doll will look much more realistic and beautiful. So, you have to decide whether you want to have a doll that looks real or feels real when you touch.


You have to consider the weight of the doll as well before you purchase the sex doll. You need to carry the sex doll from one place to other and also during cleaning and maintenance. So, you have to pick a doll which weighs equivalent to your carrying capacity. Also, you should know that here that general silicone dolls will weigh much more than TPE love dolls.

What do I need to consider before buying a silicone or TPE sex doll?

Before you make your mind up you need to be absolutely certain about the type of sex doll you want to buy. Whether it is TPE or silicone, you have to determine it all by yourself. But, now, the question is how you can determine which type of sex doll you want. The easier thing to do is to ask some simple questions to you and find out their answers. These questions will guide you to the right type of sex doll for your purchase. So, let’s take a look at those questions.

  • Are you willing to spend more money or break your bank for a sex doll?
  • Do you want to have realistic looking orifices or a squishy body?
  • Are you looking to dress up your sex doll in beautiful clothes?
  • Are you looking for a doll that will last for many years?
  • Do you want the sex doll just to have sex anytime?
  • Are you willing to take your sex doll for hot baths?
  • Do you want to spend the least amount of time when it comes to cleaning and maintenance?

The Bottom Line

Finally, it is quite obvious that sex dolls can give you superior sexual pleasure. You can do so many things with a sex doll that are impossible to do with your girlfriend or wife. That is why sex dolls have become the go-to option for many people when it comes to experiencing sexual pleasure at its best. So, if you are looking to purchase a sex doll, then you have to choose whether you want a TPE love doll or a silicone doll. Now, you know how you should approach in making that decision. So, choose wisely and experience sex with a sex doll like never before.

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Finding sexual pleasure in life is not that difficult nowadays. If you are not having that pleasure from your partner, then you can get a sex doll torso and have fun with it anytime you want without risking your health. Now, you would have to maintain and clean the sex doll torso regularly which becomes a headache as well. That is why here is the sex doll torso maintenance and cleaning guide that will help you to keep your sex doll torso in the best possible condition.

How Often Should I Clean Sex Doll?

The first question that will appear in your mind is when or how often you need to clean your sex doll. Look, cleaning and maintenance are very important for your health because you don’t want to face any serious problem after using the doll due to lack of hygiene. So, here is what you should do:

  • Clean the doll before you use it for the first time after purchase to eliminate factory remains
  • If you keep the doll at a dusty place in your house, you need to clean the doll once a month
  • It will be much better if you clean the doll’s main areas after having sex

What Cleaning Materials Should I Use?

You need a few things if you want to keep your doll perfectly clean. Now, you will not have to invest a hefty amount of money on them because these things are generally available at home. So, here is the list of things you need for proper cleaning of the sex doll:

  • Water
  • Soft cloth
  • Mild soap (Either liquid or antibacterial)
  • Vaginal irrigator
  • Corn starch or powder
  • Chamois or dry cloth
  • Vaseline
  • Baby oil

How do I clean my sex doll?

Here is what you need to do to clean your sex doll properly and thoroughly so that you can use it safely:

  • Begin by eliminating the extra bodily fluid with the help of a soft towel
  • Take the wig out of the doll’s head
  • Also, if applicable, take out the vaginal insert of the doll
  • Wash the insert in soapy water (antibacterial soap) in the sink and allow to it dry out completely
  • Now, lay the doll down on a flat surface with a towel underneath and then spray mix sulphate free warm soapy water and after that, massage the doll gently using your hands or you can also you a sponge to wipe.
  • Meanwhile, one can look to bathe the doll by taking care of the skeleton because if moistures sneak into the skeleton, mould will also creep in which will damage the skeleton over time. You can use plastic bags to cover the metal areas that will protect the metal bolts which will be exposed during the bath.
  • If the dolls get wet, it will become slippery and so, it will be better to use a stool inside the shower as it will be easier for you.
  • To dry the doll, lay her on a flat surface underneath a towel
  • Never use products which are abrasive and stay away from using general products.
  • Never ever use wire brushes or hard sponges to clean the doll to avoid damage
  • It is better to spread the doll’s legs and switch on a small fan to speed up the drying process

Cleaning the body of the sex doll

Now, let’s see how you can clean the body of the doll:

  • First, lay your doll down on a flat surface
  • Place a soft towel underneath before laying the doll
  • Wipe off any excess fluids left on the doll with a soft towel
  • Remove the vagina (if the insert is there) and head of the doll
  • Use warm soapy water to spray on the doll
  • Next, wipe off the soapy water using a soft towel
  • Be careful of exposing the metal parts of the doll to soapy water
  • You can take the doll to the bathroom and wash the doll with hand shower
  • For TPE dolls, even after wiping the water, there might be stains
  • So, use baby oil repeatedly to remove those stains
  • Now, with a microfiber towel, dry the doll and use talcum power to have smooth skin with no oily feel.

Cleaning the vagina/anus/mouth of the doll

It is important to keep the orifice i.e. vagina, anus, and mouth of the doll clean. Here is how you should do it:

  • Use an irrigator to spray warm soapy water inside the orifices for water circulation
  • You can also use shower hose (soft) but the water temperature has to be lower
  • After that, rinse the orifices with fresh water and so that no soap is left
  • Next, spread the legs of the doll and so that the anus and vagina dry out with natural air
  • Finally, once the doll gets dry, apply some Vaseline to the orifices of the doll

Cleaning the sex doll’s face

Many people don’t think it is necessary to clean the face of the doll. But, you should not ignore it. Here is how you should clean the doll’s face:

  • Remove the doll’s head first and then the wig
  • With a soft cloth or sponge dipped in warm and soapy water, bad the face of the doll
  • After this, dab gently on the face of the doll with a dry soft and frostless cloth
  • Finally, let the doll’s head sit naturally to dry up after an hour

Cleaning the sex doll’s wig

The wig of your doll might accumulate dirt over time. Thus, you should clean it while cleaning the doll. Here is how you should do it:

  • Remove the wig from the doll’s head
  • Comb the wig before you start cleaning it
  • Now, take a small amount of shampoo and warm water and mix it inside a bowl
  • Cop the wig inside out and let it get wet completely
  • Next, apply some hair conditioner and the wig rest for about 10 minutes
  • After this, wash the wig gentle and avoid twisting it
  • After that apply fresh water to clean the shampoo and conditioner
  • Use a towel to get rid of the excess water
  • Finally, leave the wig so that it can dry up naturally

Expert’s tips

If you want to make your life a lot easier while cleaning and maintaining the doll, here are some tips from the expert that you should follow:

  • Make use of the female or male condoms to avoid accumulating bodily fluids
  • Look to have a doll with a vaginal insert so that the cleaning becomes easier
  • If the doll has a fixed vagina, use a fan to speed up the drying
  • For small areas, use a small spray bottle to clean by mixing soap and water in 1:5 ratio

How do I dry my sex doll after cleaning?

After cleaning, make sure that the doll is dry. Otherwise, it can get damaged which is the last thing you would want. Here is how you can dry the doll after cleaning:

  • First, use a soft cloth to pat-dry the doll very gently so that the skin of the doll dries fully
  • After that, apply a small amount of powder and after drying as it will stop the damages that can happen with friction
  • Remember too much powder my dry out the doll from inside which is not good for your pleasure
  • You can also use petroleum jelly on the holes of the doll to protect those parts and also, lubricate it

How to maintain a sex doll

Maintenance of the doll is as important as cleaning. First of all, it will ensure that your doll’s life gets long-lasting and you find the pleasure you always want from the doll. Here are some important maintenance basics that you should know about sex dolls:

General maintenance for sex doll (dependant on use)

  • Never ever over oil TPE sex dolls. A maximum of 3 to 4 times a year is enough.
  • Make sure you apply petroleum jelly on the areas where the doll feels most stretched out like the groin and knees.
  • Use corn starch or talcum powder before you store the doll for a very long time
  • Avoid using products that will have silicone or alcohol such as lubes or wipes or perfumes

Do different materials require different care?

You have to remember that there many types of sex dolls you can find in the market. The materials of these dolls are different. So, the maintenance has to be different as well.

TPE vs. Silicone

First of all, TPE sex dolls will cost you less than the silicone ones. So, as a result, it might get damaged easily if you do not maintain it properly. It could have bacteria accumulation which is never a good thing, especially for your health.

Now, silicone sex dolls are a bit expensive and because of it, they will last way longer than any other sex dolls. Also, they dry up quickly and it becomes easier to maintain the doll. So, silicone dolls have much less wear and tear than other dolls.

TPE rehydration

If you are using a TPE sex doll, then you need to replenish your doll’s skin time and time again to have the same feel. The best way of doing this is by applying mineral oil. Now, for that, you have to apply the oil from head to toes and wait for a couple of hours and then, do the same thing by flipping the doll over. In areas where the stress is high, you should apply petroleum jelly. Vaseline will take around 12 hours to absorb and as it has more mineral, you should look to use baby oil.

Lubricant application

When it comes to applying lubricants to your sex doll, it is always better to choose a water-based lubricant. Many people won’t enjoy using such lubricant. So, if you are one of them, you can use Vaseline. But, if you are looking to use apply lubricant to your doll, make sure it is water-based because any other type of lubricant might end up damaging your sex doll for good.

Avoid stains from dark clothes

Sex dolls can get stains from dark clothes. And, it will be harder for you to get rid of those stains. So, what you need to do is buy clothes for sex dolls in which the colours will be permanent. Also, don’t make your doll wear clothes when it is not necessary. Meanwhile, if the doll has stains accidentally, then you can use a special cream wipe off the stains. Also, look to avoid bright coloured clothes. Furthermore, before putting any new clothing on your doll, make sure you wash it properly as it will somewhat avert the danger of staining the doll.

Sex doll storage precautions

The storage of the sex doll is very important and for that, you have to maintain some precautions. First of all, you should never ever store the doll in a place where it will have direct sunlight on its skin. Also, placing the doll at a place where there will be other pointed objects will be very risky and so, avoid it. Moreover, make sure you are storing the doll on a flat surface. Also, there should not be other clothes from which the doll can have stains. If you stay careful about these precautions, your doll will last a very long time.

How to store my sex doll properly?

Storing the sex doll properly is very important if you want to make sure that the doll will last for a very long time. Also, here are some places where you can easily store your sex doll by maintaining the above precautions given in the articles:

  • A storage box for the love doll
  • The original box in which the doll came to your house
  • The cupboard in your room (Hanging alternative required)

Don’t do that!

Here are some of the things you just cannot afford to do when it comes to maintaining and cleaning the sex doll:

  • Never ever submerge the head of the sex doll underneath the water
  • Avoid using abrasive soaps or any other cleaning products which will be harsh for your doll
  • Never apply too much pressure on the skin or skeleton of the doll
  • Never ever using any heating object to dry the sex doll
  • Avoid using perfumes as it may contain alcohol which is not good for the doll
  • Avoid using lubricants which are silicone-based

The Bottom Line

Finally, now you know how to approach when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your sex doll. Buying a sex doll is not everything. You want to use the sex doll for a very long time as well. So, follow this sex doll torso cleaning and maintenance guide so that you can fun with your sex doll for a very long time.

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