This is part 1 of my 3 part series on sex doll clothing guide. The ideas here can be applied on both full size sex doll and torso doll.

Brief intro

Hi, my fellow sex doll owners! Also, people who are preparing things before officially becoming an owner, I hope this post could help you a bit if you are considering customizing your doll through clothing. This is my second blog post, if you are interested in the first one, here the link (Can’t afford full size sex doll? You can still get the same experience without compromise – Sex Doll torso)

One of the biggest advantage of sex doll is that you can dress it however you like according to your deepest darkest desire – youthful school girl with sailor uniform, lusty secretary with silky smooth stocking, female tennis player with short tennis skirt and a tight crop top… oh man, there are infinity possibilities, but very limited budget.

Material matters ! Watch out for what you get

If you have a limited budget, there is all the more reason to consider the material you get. There is a reason why I listed it as the first in the post after the intro.

In general the two safe materials to go for are Spandex and Nylon, and the reason is because you want to avoid transferring dye onto your precious doll. Both spandex and nylon are synthetic fabrics, and synthetic fabrics are known for retaining color better than natural fibers, such as cotton or wool for example. If you want certain clothing parts to be of dark color, then choose spandex or nylon whenever possible.

I understand that natural materials such as cotton or wool have this soft to touch property that is something that synthetic fabrics do not have. The cons is that natural materials have a risk of transferring color onto your doll. I am not saying you should avoid getting cloth with natural material – in fact, I encourage you to get one because it could really enhance your playtime. However, on one condition – only get clothing of natural material with light or colorless (slight pink, white) . If you get a matching color or white, the dye transfer won’t be noticeable at all.

Before you try the dark color clothing on your doll, go through the following 2 steps. 1) soak the clothing in warm water overnight, 2) wash it normally like you do with your laundry. Warm water opens fabric and sets dye free, so if there’s any risk of color transferring, you will be able to see during the cleaning process. Do it multiple times if you have to. Also, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT wash dark color cloth and light color cloth in the same batch, and the reason should be obvious.

For parts that are mostly for visual effect (skirts, T-shirts), you can go for medium to low quality as women’s clothing can be quite expensive. However, if you have enough budget, you can go for higher quality clothing with natural material, as those have lower risk of color transfer, and offer better texture as well. But I still suggest you run all clothing through the cleaning process.


  1. For panties, go for natural material, light color
  2. Get a high quality soft to touch bra if possible, light color
  3. For clothing parts that you want darker color, go for spandex or nylon
  4. Don’t skip on the cleaning process mentioned above, this is especially true for clothing of cheap quality and dark color. (Don’t mix dark and light color in same batch)
  5. If you are really worried, you can request the vendor give you a small block of TPE material, and test the clothing on the TPE block overnight or a few days to check for risk of dye transfer.

In the next post, I will go over some tricks on determine the clothing measurement for you beloving sex doll, until next time ~

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