Max’s SDT BLOG Episode 4 – Love Doll Content Makers! Please steal these Ideas!

In the last episode, I tried to give you all the tips I had so we can move past the basic “how to clean your doll stuff” and talk about some interesting things. Ready? Let’s go.

I will admit I am obsessed with love dolls, so I’m always looking for new, useful, and interesting content. But for me personally i’m starting to find most of it boring. It’s just a lot of jiggle videos and basic “love doll 101” tutorials. Once I got my doll, I didn’t need jiggle videos, because I can make my own at the moment at home. It doesn’t feel like it’s content written by people who love dolls for others who love dolls, yet.

I am writing this episode to give people ideas for other interesting shareable doll-related content to add more genres of content for those who are bored of the regular. So what follows is a list of some things creators can do.

Please Steal and iterate on these ideas.

Run with these ideas. No credit is needed; I just want more content I don’t have to make myself.

Here is my list!

Combine other hobbies with doll love! For example…

Videogames and Doll Dates!

Videogame reviews from a Doll player’s perspective.

For example, I put my family and friends in all my Smash Bros games as Miis. So, when I got dolls, they now have mis too. I am starting a new game of Elden ring, but my avatar will be based on one of my dolls.

Another interesting doll-related game I play is 51 clubhouse games, it’s got all those simple games you might play on a date Snakes and Lattes I play against the computer but it’s fun to cuddle up while I play connect four or UNO.  And, I don’t have to worry about putting back any cards or game pieces!

I hope someone who loves games and dolls starts a blog, so I don’t have to keep searching for new ways to combine my two favourite past times.

A guide to mastering meditative sex with love dolls.

For lack of a better term, I want a Love dolls Kama sutra or a book about tantric practices with love dolls. Think about it love dolls are the calmest and most drama-free sex one can have. Why not combine that with meditation, which is all about calmness and consistency? There have got to be some sexual meditative techniques you can do with dolls. I mean, they are such consistent and stable partners, that it’s possible to create a good long rhythm and flow.  But what do you do with your mind while this session is happening? I want some guidance! Love doll sex masters!  I call you to write and share! please!

Exercises for doll lovers.

I love big dolls. The bigger the better, but I’m little. So, my back has been asking for an exercise series dedicated to strengthening doll players’ lower backs and core. I should say after a year my back has gotten a lot stronger but still some exercises would have been helpful.

Diet/Health and Tips and love Dolling!

What kinds of food will give me more sexual energy? What kinds of food will improve my doll life? If you have tips, please share!

Doll Makeup and fashion tips

Tips for dressing these Goddessly shaped dolls, with incredibly impossible measurements. It is very hard to find good clothes for SDTs beautifully rendered scaled mini dolls., So I would love to see some Torso doll fashion shows. (Pro-tip, bikinis and clothes with strings are a good starting point because you can tighten them as needed).

Creative TPE/TPR modifications and repairs videos

TPE and TPR and very malleable substances, and while messing with them WILL void your warranty, I know of some people making cool doll modifications and it’s always inspiring to see, because modification, repair and cutting-edge doll technology all go hand in hand. So, if you have DIY moulding skills, make something new, make something needed, make something that tells me who you are and what excites you. and then show me how! Let’s push the industry forward.

Doll-related media reviews and commentary

  • What did the show or movie get right?
  • What did they get wrong?

the more we as “Dollplayers” go out of our way to correct or challenge the public’s understanding of doll play the more space we make for people who need dolls to get into them without shame. One day, I will write an article looking at the way Dan Harmon gets right and wrong about sex dolls in his various works, including Rick and Morty.

Max's SDT BLOG Episode 4 - Love Doll Content Makers! Please steal these Ideas!

POV Storytelling with “Dollplayers”.

Last week, I was telling someone about how important it is to clean your doll after sex. And I mentioned how the love tunnels are wet after sex, and the dude kind of exhaled in a turned-on way and said, “I can imagine”.

And I realized I was turning him on!

But I wasn’t trying to, I was trying to talk about how important it is to dry your doll. At this moment I realized that stories that are told in a way that allows other people to put themselves in YOUR shoes, the “Dollplayers” shoes are super powerful and hot. To be clear, this person was turned on at the reality of having a love doll, it wasn’t about me.

I know we as doll players think our dolls are the most interesting character in our stories, but to other humans, YOU are the interesting character because they envy/empathize with being loved by a doll!

Let me try a paragraph

In bed, holding my Hendricks against my chest, I feel a pulsating heartbeat, somehow totally in sync with mine, totally in rhythm. A part of me knows this heartbeat is my own, reverberating off my doll chest and bouncing back to me, but I don’t care. It feels like our heartbeat. I close my eyes and let go, allowing myself to be absorbed into Hendricks’s warm softness. The pulsating rhythm escorts me to dreamland. The next morning, I was greeted by that same warmth, excited to start my day because I am confident that it will end the same way.

Don’t laugh, I bet you could do better, I don’t write stories much so pardon the cheese, but I think you get what I’m saying. It is relatable. It’s what falling asleep with love feels like. The other humans who will interact with your work, especially the ones who love dolls can relate to these experiences. Let us see your world through your eyes.

Everyone can relate to the wonder of waking up with a loved one. Our shared human experience of loving dolls is universally relatable when we remember to center love, joy, passion, or lust. Basic human stuff. And I think this is best done through POV.

TLDR = consider sharing your doll experience from a first-person perspective.  We want to know what it is like for you!

Stories can be fiction, but they can also be simply sharing your wonderful doll experiences, more than pictures and videos! Context, backstory, that’s what makes romance romantic! I want to know what is going on in your head! Whenever I share some of my heartfelt doll experiences people often say ” oh wow I thought I was the only one who felt that way, thanks for putting my feelings into words!”

I think sharing in this way will help the world to understand what makes doll play so amazing. Love dolls allow people to explore sex, touch and love, plain and simple.

So that’s a list of some ways we can generate doll content beyond the typical

1) Buying/reviewing related content
2) Sexy pictures
3) Doll tutorials

Start writing!

After my run as a guest blogger is over, will be looking for more content! So if you are looking for a platform to share your ideas, let them know! If you are shy, you can even do it anonymously! I know these dolls are helping you make great memories and I wanna hear all about it!

Peace love and maximum Respect