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Valenti: (40LB) Super Soft Gel Breasts Sex Doll

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Valenti is a sexy sex doll torso with a thin, slender body that exudes an alluring and captivating youthful, perfect for anyone who fantasizes about a college-age young lady, hot girl next door, or supermodel. She can play any role!

Her toned sexy stomach and plump bubble butt make her an irresistible choice for those who crave the perfect figure.

One of Valenti’s most exciting features is her new gorgeous realistic gel breasts. These super soft gel breasts result from our team’s months of research and development. You’ll love how they flow and jiggle around like natural breasts, making you feel like you’re with a real woman during sex.

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Body Measurements

Bust: 31.89inch/81cm

Waist: 20.08inch/51cm

Hip Circumference: 33.86inch/86cm

Height: 29.13inch/74cm

Weight: 40lbs/18.14kg

Vaginal tunnel: 7.09inch/18cm

Anus tunnel: 6.69inch/17cm

Material: Body Safe High-End TPE, Stainless Steel. The tunnel material is elastic, it can fit into any size of dick.

Watch this video, getting to know your Valenti in just one minute!

The Appearance of Breasts

We often get a lot of feedback from our customers, mentioning that Alexandra torso has beautiful and perfectly shaped breasts. We’re so happy to hear from you! When we designed Valenti, we referred to the appearance of Alexandra’s breasts. Her breasts have a gorgeous realistic droop! The shape of Valenti’s breasts is gorgeous, and they’re a unique blend of “teardrop” and “east-west” shapes, which naturally hang/flop down due to gravity. Small bumps around her areola, called Montgomery glands, give her breasts an added layer of realism but also increase the sensation of touch and help stimulate the senses, making your sexual experience all the more enjoyable.

Human Skin Texture

Touch is one of the most important senses and pleasure stimulation during sex. Valenti is made from the latest TPE materials and techniques that feel like a real woman’s skin, with realistic goosebumps, folds, and wrinkles that are a sexy addition to the overall experience, allowing for authenticity and the feeling of touching your real partner’s body as you go through your pleasurable moments.

Real Bounce Breasts

One of the most impressive features of Valenti is her realistic bouncing and jiggly breasts! The breasts of Valenti are the result of months of research and development. Our product team has been diligently researching and developing our newest doll formula. After many processes and adjustments, we have successfully created a brand-new unique gel formula! Thanks to our super soft gel breast technology, the tits will flop and jiggle around, bouncing with every movement. These breasts do not bounce in only one boring direction.

Flexible Skeleton

Valenti features a flexible skeleton that lets you adjust her to any position that tickles your fancy. She’s all yours whether you want to explore missionary, doggy, or any other position.

Natural Breasts Press Up Against You

When her breasts press up against you, you will feel the realistic weight balance and the pressure being exerted. They feel like really soft and heavy breasts!

SDT Super Soft Breast VS Original Breasts

It’s not just her appearance that’s impressive – Valenti’s gel breasts are made with SDT’s unique gel breast formula. The super soft gel breast is fluid and flowing, like natural breasts. They flop and jiggle around like they have a life, bouncing as you explore her body. These realistic movements will make you feel like you’re with a real woman, enhancing your sexual experience and making it more enjoyable.

Realistic Pussy

Valenti’s realistic pussy features replicate the look and feel of a real female vulva. Our modeler added some details to the appearance of the vulva and labia. The orifice of the outer vaginal opening is cone-shaped and has just the right amount of folds around her pussy, Pink outer labia, and a pea-sized clitoris. The soft outer labia can be stretched for added realism, and the tight anal opening mimics the sensation of penetrating a real anus.

Correct Anatomical Position Of The Hole

Valenti has been molded after the real-life female anatomy. The correct anatomical position of the hole makes it easy for you to enjoy oral, vaginal, and anal sex just like you would with a real woman. She can’t wait to pleasure you with her amazing vagina and let you fuck her from behind.

That’s a Finely Sculpted Body!

Valenti is a superb work of art! Amazingly realistic and exquisite detailing in her body. In keeping with natural curves, the sexy scapula spine and lumbar socket allow for a natural curvature of her body from scapula to waist to butt. The upturned butt and the back dimples are gorgeous!

Valenti in Doggystyle POV

Valenti has the perfect plump bubble butt. When she is in a doggy position, her hips width increases a lot, like in the case of a sexy mature woman.

Q & A

Are the gel breasts used for Valenti the same type used for Megan 2.0? If not, which is the "newer" or more realistic option? Ben R asked on November 24, 2023

Hi Ben, Their breasts are made of the same gel material.

Carlota answered on November 25, 2023 store manager
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Can I order this doll in black? John asked on July 26, 2023

Hi John,

It's great to hear from you! Thanks for inquiring about our product!

For a long time, we analyzed our customer base. We found that the major sources of our customer base were the U.S., So we only store Valenti in our U.S. warehouse. But we still can provide Valenti in black, which is a customization option.

If you want to buy Valenti in black, we have to make the doll from our China factory, with no customization fee, and then we will ship it to you by air freight from our China factory. You need to pay an extra shipping cost. Ok? The delivery time for U.S. orders is 8-10 business days.

On the other hand, our black color is wheat. To clarify to you what wheat color is, please check it here:

Best regards,

Carlota answered on July 26, 2023 store manager
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5 reviews for Valenti: (40LB) Super Soft Gel Breasts Sex Doll

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  1. Vek (verified owner)

    This review was made after a week or two of receiving the torso and usage.

    First of, the customer service is top notch when it comes to term of response when I was having an issue as I had the pleasure to work with Amy. Like many of you who have been either wondering/pondering and weighing out your pro and cons, the website and product IS legitimate so you don’t have to worry about any scams and etc… as far as I know. I received Valenti after placing my order (U.S. Location).

    After pondering between Tantaly’s Aurora 2.0 and SDT’s Valenti for a while, I decided to take the plunge and bought Valenti instead for almost half the cost (roughly 40% saved from my calculations). I don’t know the inner workings but they seem to look similar or perhaps from the same mold that Tantaly works with. I’m not a TPE expert or anything so I can’t speak about the quality of Valenti vs Aurora but I am quite satisfied with my purchase. The touch of the TPE is skin like and quite smooth once you powder the torso. The torso did come smelling a bit strong of the TPE material but after you air the torso out, the smell isn’t too overwhelming; again bonus points if you dust the torso with baby powder. This should help overpower the smell of TPE with the baby powder smell.

    Pros: Gel breasts is the selling point and boy, do they feel good. I was surprise on how good they feel and will never ever go back to any non-gel breast/butts if I ever do buy any more products. The vagina is great as well with the details and feel with good enough lube. You can spread the legs and go ham with missionary making it feel real lifelike (especially with the legs, makes it feel like you are semi wrapped with her legs) or cowgirl if you are up to the task and want some bicep workout. The anal texture is great as well. On this note, doggy style is probably best with the anal hole. Like how all torso/sex dolls are, due to durability issues, hole placement will differ a tad bit from a real life girl so that the holes don’t rip into each other. Overall the body is nice and toned, looks extremely sexy. I tend to not look at the torso too much as it will always get me into the mood for le’ sexy time. As for the butt, like all the other reviews, the butt feels like an athletic girl’s and not at all too soft but it’s not like you are grabbing rocks. The softness is still there albeit you don’t compare it to the breasts you are grabbing. Would be really cool to add in gel butt as an option for the butt lovers as doggy and seeing the jiggles will be otherworldly as well as slapping that smackable ass.

    Cons: Just like all TPE, the smell is quite strong when you first receive the torso but once you air the torso out, you will be okay. There were some small spots here and there that had micro tears so the torso isn’t extremely smooth when received. I just like to think of them as imperfections and adds to the realism of an actual body. The color of the nipples has already faded after a week or two but I already expected as much. I did clean the torso quite a bit and this may have taken off the color faster than intended although a more permanent solution would be better for my liking. My torso’s nipple color is now more of a light pink (almost near the color of the TPE) instead of the bold pink you see in the pictures. You do need to periodically baby powder the torso (even if you don’t fully wash the torso) as the torso will get sticky after a few days and attract hair like crazy.

    Overall I am happy with my purchase for the amount I paid. I’ve bought onaholes and etc… so I wasn’t entirely new to world of TPE and sextoys.
    FYI, the torso works well as a night cuddle buddy too! You can get some insane immersion playing some girl (or boy if you are into that) sleeping asmr on youtube when sleeping. To be honest I’d thought I would just use the torso and put it away after cleaning but have actually warmed up to the idea of cuddling just because it feels nice and is an option. Although even with the intended weight reduction, this IS still 40 lbs so use proper lifting techniques so you don’t strain your back and be out of commission before you can even test this awesome product out. Bear hug or princess carry the torso when lifting. Make sure to get the cleaning kit as well if you haven’t already.

    P.S. – It would be good for SDT to add in a miniature size water lube alongside with the torso as a bonus as some buyer may not have their own lube. I did not take any pictures/videos as I think the ones provided from other users are sufficient enough for the general buyer to make a decision. Hopefully this review helps! Have fun and enjoy your journey!

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  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    So let me just start out with the main reason I got this doll, the breasts:

    The gel breasts on Valenti are just AMAZING. So far the most jiggliest, softest breasts on a doll, or even breast toy I’ve tried. Almost like the real thing. You can see the videos on this page where they flop around naturally, I was worried that’s not what I would be getting, but happy to report, that’s exactly what I got. They are just unreal and addictive to squeeze and grab and watch them bounce. They also have a nice teardrop shape and after hours of play, still retain their perky shape.

    A surprising thing I noticed is that, usually with gel breasts you can see on the sides where they made a hole to insert the softer gel TPE implants, and tried to patch it up by melting some TPE over the hole and smoothing the area out. I do not see or feel that with Valenti. It’s all seamless and smooth, so I’m guessing they found a superior way to do this. It’s a small detail but just shows the quality SDT is bringing with this doll.

    The rest of the body is toned and sexy. It has some light texturing on the abdomen which is a nice small touch. The butt, was not expecting much but no, it was nice, round, and perfect, as you can see by the pictures below.

    The vagina, I’m really impressed with as well, love how detailed it is with a well defined clitoris and full pink lips.

    Shipping was FAST! I received the doll within 1 DAY from their USA warehouse. Box had discrete packaging. No damage to doll. Absolutely no issues with delivery!
    Customer support was always nice and helpful and quick to respond with my questions.

    The only thing I would have loved to see if there was a screw on the neck so we could upgrade Valenti with a head if we wanted in the future. It’s not a dealbreaker at all, this is a torso after all, not a full doll, but something like that would be cool to see.

    If you’re looking for a torso with realistic soft breasts I totally recommend Valenti. Very light, and easy to move around. I have two other full life sized dolls, and Valenti has the best feeling breasts by far. Great job to SDT!

    Image #1 from Anonymous
    Image #2 from Anonymous
    Image #3 from Anonymous
    Video #1 from Anonymous
    Video #2 from Anonymous
    Video #3 from Anonymous
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    • Amy Kate (store manager)

      Hi dear,

      Thank you for taking the time to share your detailed review of Valenti! We’re thrilled that you’re pleased with the gel breasts and that they exceeded your expectations regarding softness and jiggle.

      Valenti is the dream girl for every soft-breast lover out there! In the video, we can see that the softness of her breasts looks impressive!

      Valenti is made of a unique flesh formula and skeletal from SDT, which is the newly upgraded top-quality flesh formula and skeleton. Her overall body size is life-size scale, and she has big gel breasts. Her super realistic breasts are perfect for titty fucking! Her weight is 40 lb, so it’s not super unwieldy. And her price is only $469. Valenti not only has adjustable thighs but a poseable spine

      Between her adjustable thighs, it is very easy to do cowgirl with her. The longer legs add a lot of variability to the positions.

      We appreciate your suggestion regarding the neck screw for potential head upgrades. While Valenti is designed as a torso, we value your feedback and will certainly consider it for future product enhancements.

      Thank you for recommending Valenti to others looking for a realistic and easy-to-handle torso! Once again, we appreciate your positive review and your trust in SexDollTorso, and we hope that Valenti continues to bring you joy and satisfaction. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to assist you!

      Best regards,
      SDT Customer Service Team

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It is my first purchased of a torso doll and i have to say that Valenti is really the most realistic doll i have ever had. The new technology of SDT make her breast absolutely amazing and addictive to touch like real breast! Plus the texture of the skin make the doll look so real to the view and the touch! I recommend 100%, you will be glad to have this doll by your side!

    Image #1 from Anonymous
    Image #2 from Anonymous
    Image #3 from Anonymous
    Image #4 from Anonymous
    Image #5 from Anonymous
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    • Helena (store manager)

      Hi dear,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback on Valenti. We truly appreciate your kind words and are thrilled to hear that you find Valenti to be the most realistic doll you’ve ever had!

      Your recommendation means a lot to us, and we’re delighted that Valenti has brought you joy and satisfaction. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to ensure your continued satisfaction with our products.

      Thank you once again for choosing Valenti, and we look forward to serving you in the future!

      Best regards,
      SDT Customer Service Team

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing product!

    Packaging: the packaging is discreet and the doll is in two layers of boxes. Even the inner box has nothing referring to a sex doll. This is perfect to be used as a storage box for the doll! I have another doll from a different brand and I really hate they printed the sex doll picture right on the box. I had to tear off the picture before recycling the box. So great job for the SDT team on this!

    My favorites: I love the thin waist and the curves on the back of the doll! The breast is also pretty soft. The doll size and weight is perfect for me!

    I think the breasts can be slightly larger (slightly increase the width). This will probably make the breasts much bouncier and with better feel. Note to all breast lovers: boobs in picture look much larger. But still very good size.
    Another suggestion is making the thigh a bit thinner to better match the body shape, and make the butt a bit more round on the sides.

    Flaws: I suggest SDT to check the mold for the doll. I know this is a new product and there are room for quality control improvements.
    There is a tiny issue on the right neckline. It curve towards inside like have a small hole. This makes the neckline to be asymmetrical.
    Another issue is the top side of the right breast with a weird strip across the breast. This bothers me a bit because I can see it from above.
    But it’s totally possible that other dolls does not have the same flaws on my doll.

    Overall, this is an awesome doll and has perfect size for many people.

    Image #1 from Anonymous
    Image #2 from Anonymous
    Image #3 from Anonymous
    Image #4 from Anonymous
    Image #5 from Anonymous
    Image #6 from Anonymous
    Image #7 from Anonymous
    Image #8 from Anonymous
    Image #9 from Anonymous
    Image #10 from Anonymous
    Image #11 from Anonymous
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    • Helena (store manager)

      Hi dear,

      Thank you for your amazing review of our Valenti, and we are glad to hear that you love the thin waist, curves, and softness of the gel breasts on the doll. We strive to create a doll with the perfect size and weight for our customers, and we are delighted that Valenti meets your expectations!

      We appreciate your suggestions for improvement. We understand that different individuals have different preferences and consider your suggestions in the subsequent optimization and upgrade.

      We sincerely apologize for the flaws you mentioned and any inconvenience they may have caused. Quality control is a top priority for us, and we appreciate your feedback in identifying areas where we can further improve. We have thoroughly checked the mold for Valenti and could not find the defects you mentioned in the finished doll. However, we suspect that your doll may have been damaged during shipping.

      To better understand and resolve these issues, our customer service team has reached out to you via email. We kindly request more detailed images of the specific flaws you mentioned so that we can conduct further investigations and prevent similar issues from occurring in the future.

      Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we are committed to continuously improving our products based on customer experiences. Thank you again for choosing Valenti, and we look forward to resolving this matter to your satisfaction.

      Best regards,
      SDT Customer Service Team

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    As a first-time explorer in the realm of adult toys, I recently had the chance to dive into the world of pleasure with Valenti, a unique creation from the innovative minds at sexdolltorso. Intrigued by its reputation as the first toy with gel breasts and a sporty figure, I couldn’t help but indulge my curiosity. The anticipation of something new and exciting had my heart racing, and I was more than ready to embrace this uncharted adventure.

    Sporty Physique and Attention to Detail: From the moment I laid eyes on Valenti, her sporty physique left an indelible mark on my imagination. The subtle dents on her hips and the meticulously defined abs painted a portrait of realism that heightened my excitement. It’s evident that sexdolltorso invested great care in capturing those intricate details, turning Valenti into a true work of art. Her contours felt like a celebration of the human form, effortlessly blurring the lines between fantasy and reality.

    Gel Breasts That Defy Expectations: The defining feature that truly sets Valenti apart is undoubtedly her gel breasts. As my fingers traced their contours, I was pleasantly surprised by the lifelike texture and bounce. The sensation was remarkably close to the real thing, igniting a sensation of desire that I had never experienced before. These gel breasts elevated the entire experience, creating an enthralling connection that added an extra layer of intimacy. Giving them a smack was incredible!

    A Weighty Affair: Weighing in at 40 pounds, Valenti’s substantial heft is a feature that deserves special mention. For a first-time user like me, this weight felt surprisingly refreshing. It anchored Valenti firmly in place, making the experience more engaging and authentic. There was a certain stability that allowed me to fully immerse myself in the moment, without any concerns of the toy shifting or moving unintentionally. I suspect due to being new, the stiffness will lessen with time.

    Pros: A Tale of Pleasure Unveiled: Valenti’s charms are not limited to her appearance alone. The sensations she evokes are equally compelling. The gel breasts, as mentioned earlier, are an absolute delight. Their lifelike texture coupled with the natural bounce creates a mesmerizing rhythm that tantalizes the senses. The attention to detail extends to her private parts as well, providing a wonderful tactile experience that left me captivated.

    Cons: Navigating Stiffness: However, even in the realm of pleasure, there are moments that present a challenge. Valenti’s legs, though a testament to her sturdy design, proved slightly stiff to maneuver. This required a bit of patience and adjustment, interrupting the seamless flow of pleasure that I had come to expect. While this was a minor hiccup in an otherwise enjoyable experience, it’s worth noting for those who seek effortless transitions between different positions.

    This toy will also leave a lot to be desired, when it comes to rump department. However given the breast focus that makes sense.

    In Conclusion: A Journey Worth Embarking Upon: My first encounter with Valenti from sexdolltorso was a journey filled with surprises, sensations, and newfound appreciation for adult toys. Her sporty figure, gel breasts, and meticulous details came together to create an experience that exceeded my expectations. While the stiff legs did momentarily interrupt the flow, they were a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of pleasure that Valenti had to offer. As a novice in this realm, I can confidently say that my exploration was met with excitement, satisfaction, and a newfound sense of curiosity for what other delights await.

    Image #1 from Anonymous
    Image #2 from Anonymous
    Image #3 from Anonymous
    Image #4 from Anonymous
    Image #5 from Anonymous
    Image #6 from Anonymous
    Image #7 from Anonymous
    Image #8 from Anonymous
    Image #9 from Anonymous
    Image #10 from Anonymous
    Image #11 from Anonymous
    Image #12 from Anonymous
    Image #13 from Anonymous
    Image #14 from Anonymous
    Video #1 from Anonymous
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    • Carlota (store manager)

      Hi dear,

      Thank you for your review of Valenti. Your review covers the advantages and disadvantages of Valenti. We truly appreciate your feedback and are thrilled to hear about your positive experience exploring the realm of adult toys with Valenti, our unique creation.

      Our team at SexDollTorso takes great pride in meticulously capturing the intricate contours and realistic features that blur the lines between fantasy and reality. It’s fantastic to know that Valenti felt like an actual work of art, celebrating the human form in a way that heightened your excitement.

      We’re especially thrilled that the defining feature of Valenti, her gel breasts, exceeded your expectations. The lifelike texture and bounce provided a sensation of desire you had never experienced before. Smacking them must have been quite incredible!

      We appreciate your feedback on the slight stiffness of Valenti’s legs. As a new doll, her joints may be stiff initially, but they limber up after the first or second movement. We designed Valenti with tight joints to ensure stability and prevent unintentional shifting during use.

      I’m a fan of tight skeletons. Loose joints will have a doll rolling around unstable. Valenti’s joints are nice and stiff for posing. I prefer tight joints for posing. Especially when you put her in the doggy style and pound her from the back, her tight leg joints will hold your weight and violently impact without sliding. Also, you can enjoy her soft tits will be crazy swing when you’re fucking her doggy style.

      However, we understand that effortless transitions between different positions are essential, and we’ll consider your feedback for future improvements.

      Regarding the rump department, we designed Valenti with a balanced proportion to her overall body shape, embodying a real woman’s primal and instinctual beauty. While she may not have a massive butt like fantasy dolls, her healthy and shapely figure aims to bring you closer than ever to natural woman curves.

      Once again, thank you for sharing your thoughts and helping us improve. We’re thrilled that your exploration with Valenti was met with excitement, satisfaction, and a newfound curiosity. If you have any further feedback or specific issues you’d like us to address; please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re here to ensure your pleasure and enjoyment.

      Warm regards,
      SDT Customer Service Team

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