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Doris: (42LB) Jiggly Big Round Gel Ass Torso

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Doris is a revolutionary big wide thick jiggly gel ass with a realistic vagina and lifelike human skin textures. Her abdominal walls have lifelike horizontal skin lines that offer incredible realism that is hard to achieve.

Doris is made of the STD unique gel formula that simulates the sensation and movement of a real butt. The gel material feels like natural fat. You’ll see it jiggle and ripple when you hit her from the back with every thrust, making doggy incredibly visually exciting. You will feel her sexy ass is begging to have you inside. You can enjoy nice, rough sex!


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Ass Measurements

Waist: 26.38inch/67cm

Hip Circumference: 53.94inch/137cm

Length: 16.93inch/43cm

Wide: 20.47inch/52cm

Leg Circumference: 22.05inch/56cm

Sitting Height: 13.78inch/35cm

Weight: 42lb/19.05kg

Tunnel: vaginal (7inch/17.78cm), Anus (6.5inch/16.51cm). (The tunnel material is elastic, it can fit into any size of dick.)

Material: Body Safe High-End TPE.

Watch this video, getting to know your Doris in just one minute!

The Squishy Heart-Shaped Big Ass

Doris has a curvy, delicious big soft heart-shaped big ass that is unbelievable to sample from behind! Feel the intense connection as you run your fingers along her flawless skin, which has been meticulously crafted to replicate the authentic touch.

The Fine Pussy Details

Our artisans have sculpted the perfect pussy for Doris, capturing the mature beauty of a woman’s genital features. Her labia looks like a beautiful “cauliflower”! As your glans passes through her vaginal opening, you’ll experience the true feeling of sexual intercourse, thanks to the rough outer texture of her labia. It’s the kind of intimate experience that can truly elevate your sexual pleasure.

The Detail Around The Abdomen is Impressive

Doris has beautiful life cast skin textures on the body. Notice the fine horizontal skin lines on her lifelike abdominal walls that give her an incredibly natural look. This level of detail isn’t easy to achieve, but our engraver has spent countless hours perfecting the mold of Doris, and the result is a doll that seems incredibly alive.

Realistic Pore Skin

Doris’s skin is adorned with small pores that mimic the texture of real human skin. While you may not consciously notice these minute details, they collectively contribute to an unparalleled sense of realism, making Doris seem so incredibly alive. When you spend time with her, you’ll appreciate that every minuscule detail adds up to create a powerful, immersive experience.

Doris in Lace Panties Fucking in Doggy Style

There’s something incredibly arousing about Doris in lace panties. The sight of her plump, round booty draped in lace is a tantalizing tease. And when you pull those panties aside, you’ll find a sweet, tight slit that’s ready for some POV action.

Missionary Position Sex

Romance isn’t dead, and Doris proves that. She is perfect in missionary, her realistic size and weight makes her perform really well in missionary. Looking down at her beautiful curves under dim light is an experience that’s as close to real as it gets.

Big Wide Thick Jiggly Gel Ass

Doris is made of our unique gel formula, it simulates the sensation and movement of a real butt. The gel feels just like body fat, adding to the realism of the experience. When you hit that big soft ass from the back, you’ll see it jiggle and ripple!

Q & A

What size shorts do you recommend ? JT256 asked on March 10, 2024

You can choose M size for her.

Carlota answered on March 11, 2024 store manager
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3 reviews for Doris: (42LB) Jiggly Big Round Gel Ass Torso

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  1. TT (verified owner)

    The Gel Formula:
    It really suits the butt. It’s a good balance of jiggle and firmness. This doll convinced me to get the Olsen doll which also uses the gel for the butt and it’s perfect. A bit of a tangent, consideration for a softer type of gel specifically for the boobs would be really appreciated. I have the Mariah doll too, which has the larger boobs, but I think they could be better with a softer/jigglier gel. A good reference for what I mean is Tiddy.shops Venus Booty (compared in video). Even though that’s a butt torso, the gel formula and stretchable tpe they use would be great for boobs, they just don’t make any torsos like Mariah.

    Sex Positons:
    The doll is great in doggy and missionary. The length and flexability of the thighs help a lot on the overall movement of the doll in those positions.

    The cowgirl positions unfortunately were not so great. Because of how flexible the legs are with no skeleten, you can’t use them to assist/support itself. She folds up too much and makes the angle of her holes hard to get to. Reverse CG is more managable because you can use pillows to prop up her torso, but it is still not the most comfortable.

    Overall, I’m happy with this purchase. What they advertise on the site and videos is accurate and totally what you get. You guys are making great products.

    Video #1 from TT
    Video #2 from TT
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    • Carlota (store manager)

      Hi TT,

      We are thrilled to receive your comprehensive review and want to extend our heartfelt thanks for your continued patronage. Having you as a loyal customer who has brought three of our dolls into your life is a true compliment to our brand.

      We watched the comparison video you mentioned, and it’s fascinating to see Doris alongside Tiddy Shops’ Venus Booty. 🙂

      From the video you shared, it’s clear that while Doris and Venus Booty may have some similarities in appearance, they have distinct differences that set them apart.

      From your video, we observed that the Venus Booty is uneven and collapsed, which could suggest a difference in material quality or manufacturing processes. Is that an intentional design feature, or is it a sign of wear or a manufacturing issue?

      We designed Doris to balance realism and durability. The moderate softness of Doris’ butt is intended to mimic the feel of real human flesh without compromising structural integrity. This way, when you grasp her butt, you experience a realistic sensation that doesn’t feel overly soft or unnatural.

      Regarding your experience with different sex positions, your insights are beneficial. We will take your comments into account and explore potential improvements.

      Thank you once again for your support and for taking the time to share your experiences with us. We look forward to continuing to serve you with great products and hope to exceed your expectations in the future. 🙂

      Best regards,
      SDT Customer Service Team

  2. Lane Bryant Bred (verified owner)

    Firstly, Good morning, afternoon, or evening, potential SDT Customers. My name is Ty. This review will be in regards to SDT-DORIS, the most realistic “jiggle” doll that is currently available on the market, across the ‘top 3′ respectable/reputable’ manufacturers.

    Apart from the price differential. You will notice that Doris doe not just “jiggle out of control”, meaning. She has been outfitted with the latest TPR Hybrid Gel Formula, for the most ‘realistic’ “Jiggling” affect. While other TPR (Uhm? TPE) Hip Toys may feature additional “jiggles”, it is clear to any human eye, that these additional “ripples” in the body, are very much so exaggerated., and not realistic at all, compared to how a real big butted females buttock would react. So to have an existing more ‘neutral’ jiggle, by way of SDT’s Hybrid Gel Engineering, is simply amazing! (let alone, at at least $100 dollars cheaper than respected competitors).

    REAL Torso’s, are incredible!

    Now, to the meats (ass) and potatoes (internals, Ha). Doris’s ass actually measures wider than the long time fan favorite Jennifer’s, by a margin of arguably 4+inches (when it comes to Ass, both real life and Simulated Hip Toys, every inch truly matters!). It”s important to note, that Doris was designed to be a middle ground between Jennifer and her site sister “Grace”. So while not as Tall (Height) she is “WIDE”. Further, any issue of height is easily compensated/mitigated, by placing a pillow below Doris, to get an increased height. (But I will advise, even at her current measurements, a height buff is not truly required, as her near 7 inch Sitting Height is more than adequate enough! Internally, the image speaks for itself. If your familiar with this market, you can see how unique her Vaginal Canal is, compared to the standard design, used by the other couple Major Manufactures. Honestly, even just comparing Jennifer to Doris (images below), it’s easy to see the care/craftsmanship, that was put into Doris’s updated Canal. Admittedly, she has a bit less ‘depth’ than Jennifer, but for the average endowed man (or non-endowed woman, Ha), you are in luck!

    “What she lacks in Sitting height, she makes up for in WIDTH”. Take that as you will! The dimensions show themselves!

    Like many others I presume, I was directed to SDT after an initial fAmous online market store search. It was there that I learned of the unfortunate aspect of “knockoff” dolls (look no further than “60 lbs Hip, etc”).

    I am so proud to have found SDT, and their remarkable craftsmanship/customer service, and to have been spared in almost purchasing one of these “Generic/Poor Quality” Hips. If you want a genuine Hip Toy, while there is a bit of a premium to pay across all of the major (reputable, essentially two others after SDT) manufactures, it is well worth it in the long run. But considering its just a bit more than the fAmous websites (raised eyebrow) low prices, it is so, SO, worth it, knowing your getting a quality product, for quite literally, a few bucks more! (Regardless of shared Molds etc, each Designer/Store uses different grades of TPR/TPE. So while these Hip Toys may ‘look’ similar, you can be guaranteed they are of far lesser quality than respected brands).

    I’m confident in saying, that along with Breast, Gel Hybrid TPR, Gel Hybrid Hip Toys are going to be the future. It’s a technology that only came into fruition around late 2023. SexDollTorso seems to be ahead of the curve with the formula they have developed for Doris. And I imagine at some point, some of their most popular Hip’s may be given an option to have the SDT Gel. But, considering the effort that must be given to such task, it’s a safe bet that for now, if you would like to experience this SDT Gel TPR, and want a bigger butt torso, your best bet is Doris! I truly believe that Doris and Jennifer will be the long term “Big Butt” Standard, amongst Hip Torso’s offered (any bigger and we get ‘unrealistic’/’obese’ + Extremely HEAVY! Ha).

    Take care everybody!
    Ty. L

    Image #1 from Lane Bryant Bred
    Image #2 from Lane Bryant Bred
    Image #3 from Lane Bryant Bred
    Image #4 from Lane Bryant Bred
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  3. javier solis (verified owner)


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