The purpose of this series is to give first-time torso buyers some information to help them make a good decision when buying a torso.

In part one, we had a weighty discussion about the importance of weight when shopping for a realistic male masturbatory device like a sex doll or torso. You can find that article here.


– I know I just talked about it, but it is really important. More important than how the toy looks.

– Using weight as your first criteria will help you set your price point too. Heavier = more realistic vs lighter easier to manage/hide.

Today we are going to use our senses to evaluate the features of sex torsos and dolls. Mostly we will be talking about TPE (SDT dolls are made from TPE).

Here we go.


Toys, torsos, and dolls are all physical objects that you can touch. That’s why we want them, to touch them. So let’s talk about how they feel. The toys at our store are all a type of “TPE” what is TPE? I’m not going to waste time and repeat what you can google yourself but here is a link to the Wikipedia article. It is a kind of mix of plastic and rubber. Why is this important? Every factory uses its own blend! Not all TPE is made the same! Like pancakes, every pancake has flour and water in it, (right?) But do your pancakes have flaxseed and banana in them? Mine do. What’s my point? Even though all companies use “TPE” the exact blend of TPE will differ between products/factories in the following ways. Let us dig into it TPE.


I don’t want to lie to you, most TPE has a smell. But almost everything has “a smell”. It is not a bad smell. but it is a smell. Some companies go out of their way to reduce the smell (like SDT. Some companies add in perfume to alter/mask and improve the smell (which is nice) and others do not. Some blends are made so that the smell fades away faster than others. But there will always be a smell, metal has a smell, so does rubber.

TPE PRO TIP 1 = pay attention to what companies say about their TPE blend. Some companies take pride in their blends, others do not. Companies that take pride will go out of their way to mention it. Companies that do not will focus on price or other features. If you are sensitive to smell pay attention to what companies to say about the smell of their TPE.

TPE PRO TIP 2 = it takes about a month and or a few washes to get the smell to get to non-noticeable levels. So don’t judge the smell on the first day. Also baking soda I think has been a good help.

I am sensitive to smell and I have a toy that I don’t like using cause I can’t stand the smell. It’s wasted money. Everything else is good with the toy, but the smell is off. Am I upset? Lil bit but I’m not mad. I forget to check to ask about the smell, now I know better.

How does SDT’s Alexandra smell? Good! Actually, I liked her smell when she came. But it faded fast (which is also good). Now I can only smell it if I get really close.

TPE Touch 1 Doll Skin Texture

How does it feel when you run your fingers across it? is the skin textured? Is it art ? some torsos are only a flat surface with zero texture, which is fine, (a bit boring for the fingers) but it is fine. Not a huge deal but something to pay attention to, can you see pores? Do you care about pores?? Maybe you don’t.

TPE Care + Durability

Some TPE requires more care than others. Some TPE is more durable than others. I haven’t tested every brand, I am still new to this TPE doll world, but I know that some TPE blends are made to be so soft that they are more prone to tearing. On one hand soft is great, on the other, durability is also desired, so companies have to do a balancing act. Your role as the customer is to find the right balance for you. This durability has a major impact on how long the toy will last and how much work you will have to do to maintain it.

Some TPE blends leak more oil than others and will require more maintenance. Check with your brand to get a sense of how much oil and care your toy needs. In my experience with Alexandra, she doesn’t oil at all. (never seen it). So she doesn’t require much oil (but she still does some oil).

PRO TIP! = Every blend of TPE needs to be cleaned after each use to prevent mould. This is for all types of TPE regardless of if they are “medical grade”. Clean your stuff. #dont be gross.

Touch – TPE Elasticity

I am finding it hard to describe what my hands experience in words,but different blends “squeeze” and “squish” and “jiggle” differently. TPE generally feels like a rubber trying to feel like flesh, it’s a combination of squishy, rubber and gel. Nice. Every company again is different.

Once you get your first toy from a company, just think about how it feels, like the material, how it responds to your squeezing and make a note if you like it. if you do I suggest making a note of it and buying from that company again when/if you need to upgrade. OR you could shop around and test which feel you like. I haven’t encountered a TPE blend that I thought was bad, they have all been good to great, so I wouldn’t worry too much about this, but when you find something you really like, make a note.


All skeletons for dolls have the same purpose; to allow your toy to hold the desired shape and position. Very important stuff. But not all skeletons are created equal; ass toys don’t need the same skeleton as a full doll. A handheld toy shaped like a mouth doesn’t need a spine. You get it.

I am about to repeat myself, but …. quality varies from company to company because different companies use different procedures and materials to make the products.

Why do I think skeletons are important? Do you want a doll with legs so loosey-goosey it can’t hold any position (doggy style) or a doll that can’t sit up straight for (cowgirl) no, of course not? Especially when you are in the mood and the moment, and you just want it to take a certain position, it’s a buzz kill. A good skeleton is like a solid internet connection when it is working well, you don’t think about it. when it isn’t working, you spend the whole night trying to get it to work so you can get to work.

Good news. SDTs Skeletons are good! Alexandra is 87.69 pounds and can hold herself up ! Impressive feat of engineering. Make sure you get some info about the skeleton or that you find a company that takes pride in its manufacturing processes.


Why do dimensions matter? They don’t really but some toys have a great shape (ratios) but the size is either too small or too big. This is where numbers can give you a ballpark. They also help with buying clothes and underwear.

Tip 1 – “Waist” and Length tell you more about the size of a doll than its bust or hip. Especially length. Length is how tall/long the doll is. Often doll sites have pictures of products without any other products in the frame so it is hard to tell how big an object truly is. This is where the numbers like length can be a big help.

Tip 2 – Measure yourself, this will give you a good idea of how big the dolls are compared to you.

Sight – Sculpt/Body Shape

I’m going to say something that might hurt your dolls feelings… Some dolls are sexier than others. Even if the two dolls have the same measurements. How can this be? Different models have different shapes/designs so, even if two dolls can have the same measurements, if they are different models, they will not look the same or feel the same. So when shopping does not only compare numbers. These dolls are also art. So after taking everything I said into account (numbers, smell, etc), don’t forget to choose what you find the most beautiful (that you can lift). We all have different ideas of what is sexy to us, so sometimes trust your eyes.

Touch – Gel Breasts

Yes. They feel better than hollow and solid. Solid are firm, hollow have air in them. Gel breasts have a less firm type of tpe/silicone inside. (I cut one of my toys open to check to see so you don’t have to). I think gel is great but it’s the important feature of this list.

If everything else was equal I would choose gel. Every time. But gel is still my last consideration. Why? Gel breasts feel slightly better than hollow and solid. But gel doesn’t turn a rubber boob into flesh. So don’t worry about gel, when you see the option take it, but I wouldn’t let gel force me to buy a toy that didn’t look good to me, or was too big or small.

The next entry in this series will talk about the anal and vaginal sex tunnels! I have talked about virtually everything else, so next entry is all about them.

TPE Summary. TLDR

  1. In addition to how the torsos look, you must consider the quality of the TPE BLEND.
  2. TPE blend will affect smell, durability, and feel.
  3. Every factory has a different blend.
  4. Skeletons are underrated, make sure you are getting something with a good skeleton
  5. Gel boobs are great but not a deal breaker
  6. Use numbers when in doubt about size.
  7. Get what inspires you 😀

**** Also if you have gel boobs and you notice that there is a softer part on the side of the boob that’s not a flaw, the way they make the gel breasts by first building a hollow doll, cutting a hole in the side of the boob and then adding the gel. The hole is later filled with TPE, so melts over, so when you might be able to see where the gel was added. Not a big deal. Not a flaw. Just how it is made.