We provide the best wholesale and dropshipping services for sex dolls. We do our best to support the growth of small and medium-sized sellers!

Wholesale Sex Doll

“I ordered sex doll samples for a few hundred dollars. They are great! As a result, I decided to order for thousands of dollars and got a pile of junk sex dolls in the end!”.

“I had a very pleasant conversation with the wholesaler at the beginning. When the wholesaler got to know that I was just an entrepreneur who had just started sex doll business and only bought one product, they became impatient and didn’t even answer my questions.”

“I found that a website has thousands of sex doll styles. Their product images are very beautiful, and the product price is very low. I excitedly made a batch of orders and sent them to my customers. As a result, my customers complained that these were low-end and inferior sex dolls. I angrily applied for a refund. At the same time, I sincerely apologized to my customers and refunded them. I thought it was all over, but I found that my customers never came to my website to place orders again. They don’t trust my products anymore!”

And so on……

Yes, we hear our customers tell us repeatedly about their bad experience with some wholesalers in the past. However, now they feel very relieved and happy after having cooperated with us. Now all of these will change after you have met us!

What is the difference between the third-party wholesale platforms and us?

We are different from some third-party platforms. These third-party platforms have settled in innumerable sex doll stores, and the competition is very fierce. They fight a price war at all costs. However, they have to reduce the product quality without a bottom line in order to maintain the survival profit. They reduce the production cost by using inferior low-end raw materials to make sex doll. This phenomenon has formed a vicious circle on third-party platforms. However, we have built our own official website, which is an independent brand. That’s why we are different from third-party platforms. We attach great importance to our brand reputation. Therefore, we have a very strict product control flow to ensure that the quality of our products is stable as usual. We hope to have a long-term cooperation with you and not just sell once.

I am a small seller who has just started sex doll wholesale business. Will I be ignored?

It’s absolutely impossible in our place! We understand you very well because we have gradually grown up from a small. We will think from your perspective from beginning to end. We will arrange a professional product manager for you. They will be very patient to help you answer any doubtful questions. If you have any questions, you can contact them at any time.

Dropshipping Sex Doll

Sell sex doll without inventory cost!

If you are a novice who has just started the sex doll business, I recommend you to choose the Dropshipping sex doll mode instead of the wholesale mode. When you register as our Dropship member, you don’t need to stock up a lot and worry about overstocking when you don’t have sales. We can also deliver one piece on your behalf when your customers place small orders with you. It will let you freely start selling sex dolls without the pressure of overstock inventory.

What’s the difference between Wholesale and Dropshipping?

When you wholesale sex dolls, you need to purchase stock in advance. However, if you choose to sell a wrong product, you may not be able to empty the stock, which will cause extra costs for disposing of the products. When selling sex dolls directly, you can test them in your audience to see what brings the most sales to your business. You don’t need to buy bulk inventory because you only need to pay for the goods ordered by the customer.

The difference is that the price of Wholesale sex dolls is lower than that of Dropshipping. Moreover, the price of Dropshipping sex dolls is lower than those purchased through other channels.

Although we can’t provide Dropship members with the price of wholesale members, Dropshipping lets you start a business at a very low cost. It’s especially relevant for those who have no entrepreneurial experience.

Shipping orders is not as interesting or charming as you imagine, especially when orders start to get out of control. After you become our Dropship member, we will handle all transportation for you when you have an order. This gives you more time to focus on marketing and sales and reduces time for transport logistics. We are very meticulous and precise in the process of transportation. We will not put any information of our company on the package.

Therefore, both Wholesale and Dropshipping Sex Dolls actually have their own advantages.

How does our Dropshipping Sex Doll work?

Step 1: your customers place an order on your website or store.

Step 2: you submit the order to us after receiving the payment.

Step 3: we use your company name as the sender to safely and quickly send sex doll directly to your customers.

Step 4: your customer receives the order.

Requirements for becoming a Dropship member

No membership fee is charged. You can upgrade to a Dropship member by keeping at least 2 orders on our website every month.

Dropship member upgrade mechanism

Once you become a Dropship member, we will monitor your sales every month. The larger your sales volume, the higher your Dropship membership level will be, and you will enjoy higher price discounts.

Order shipping time limit of Wholesale and Dropship

We have our own large sex doll warehouse in the United States, which has sufficient supply and storage. All our orders are sent from the local warehouses in the United States and delivered within 4-7 working days.

All our sex dolls are packed in a transparent sealed bags and then put into a hard cartons. We provide a very firm packaging in order to ensure that the sex doll you receive is intact.

As a sex doll company with good reputation, we will not leave any information about us in the package.

Safe operation mode

We use a well-known collection channel in the United States: PayPal, it will help you get a full refund if the goods are not delivered or evidently inconsistent with the description. PayPal payment method is well known in the United States, and it is a truly authoritative way of payment. Any fraudulent website dare not use it because it has a very strict and secure transaction process. So please feel free to deal with us!

If you have contacts and traffic resources, this is a very good cash opportunity. Join us now!

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